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Friday December 3 2004


tremendous Amsterjoy. Lookit.

Scrolling / panning these images in Firefox does not work. This is perhaps the only time you will ever get me saying "use Internet Explorer". But you'll have to. Because otherwise you'll not be able to Amsterpan and dream of better times. Your life will be as nothing, and your sandwiches will have a strange dampness.

Posted at 7:44 am by Jim Woods

Thursday December 2 2004

Just went to post an entry here

about media centre PCs and a weird bug manifested itself in Blog. Only the first few lines got posted, the bulk of the post simply disappeared from the screen and this world, and all subsequent entries on that page were put into a tiny font. Shades of the old font problem I was getting a month or two ago. Nuisance. I'll need to look into it.

Anyway, now you don't get a lengthy rant about media centre PCs. I'm not rewriting all that lot from memory. You'll have to do with a synopsis:

Forget media centre PCs for now.

In my opinion, of course.

Posted at 12:56 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday November 30 2004

Have been doing a bit of hardware stuff,

principally to remove from service a noisy bastard of a Maxtor hard drive that was making a filthy whining noise. I couldn't stand the racket any longer, and was prepared to ditch 40 gigs of storage just to get a little peace and quiet. There was, however, a lot of juggling data involved as well as some fiddling about with Partition Magic and Norton Ghost. The noisy bastard was my boot drive, needless to say. I triumphed in the end, without having to reinstall everything; that Partition Magic was money very well spent indeed.

Roll on the forthcoming (like a lot of things) purchase of an av workstation. It has to be the way of the future...

Posted at 12:21 am by Jim Woods

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