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Thursday November 18 2004

My word,

there are a lot of plugins for Winamp. So many, in fact, that I'm not going to waste my time looking through them. Winamp as it comes has enough functionality to do everything I want. Although the prospect of doing a bit of web broadcasting in the future is intriguing.

I'm removing dry joints from my music equipment, which is a time-consuming process at best given the advanced age and dubious condition of much of my stuff. Still, it's the old stuff that sounds good.

Just finished reading William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition". It was very good, although perhaps not Gibson's best. Still well worth a read though, and I always find his writing very literate, credible and readable all at the same time.

And pretty busy with recording others as well as sorting out my own musical doings. Not a lot of money, but there's more to life than money. Apparently.

Posted at 2:38 am by Jim Woods

Sunday November 14 2004

Still vaguely uneasy

about the junk mail filtering in Thunderbird. It appears, however, that I may have made a schoolboy error in relation to changing the settings for automatic movement of spam from my inbox to other folders; or whatever - there are a few options that allow various operations to be conditionally carried out. It seems that some of these options are read only at startup. Therefore the program needs to be restarted, I think, in order to guarantee that all changes to these options are registered and acted upon. Time was I restarted apps all the time, just because in the bad old days it was a way of ensuring system stability. In fact you could reboot a DOS box in about ten or twenty seconds maximum of course. The good habit died about the time everything in software got so big and complex that loading, rebooting and so forth began to take ages. My PC largely keeps the same hours that I do, and while so doing sits behind its firewall on my ADSL line running several programs. One of these is Thunderbird. So at any given point it's quite possible that the mailer has been running for hours. Moral - restart the beast after tinkering.

Hmm, not one of my better written posts really. Still, you should see what I mean.

Posted at 5:49 pm by Jim Woods

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