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Friday November 5 2004

I've written very little of late,

being mostly concerned with matters musical. As a sop to my faithful readers - assuming that they haven't all given up on me - here are some good sources of stuff to listen to. You will probably find that you'd like to use an audio player which is genuinely free, not to mention nice with it. I recommend Winamp.

Short ranty digression: I can't claim to be any sort of fanatic as regards media players. Frankly, anything that's not Windows Media Player that will play streaming audio off the net as well as my pretty modest library of audio files will do me. I was using Apple's iTunes, as I liked the interface - and let's face it, that's what you're actually going to experience with any of these programs. However I read that the latest "update" to it has buggered up the ability to move files back onto your computer from your iPod. This is something to do with some mad and stupid legal concern in the States. Okay, I don't have an iPod; were I to invest in a portable media jukebox it certainly wouldn't be Apple's expensive and inflexible crap in any case. But I'm thoroughly pissed off with all this rubbish about restricting media portability that is coming across the Atlantic. So much so that I'm no longer using any software that I don't absolutely have to which is even remotely associated with this bollocks. So no more iTunes.

So what's good to listen to?

You can download an entire album of interesting stuff from WM Recordings. Cool and Dutch.

Wefunk radio is funky as a very funky thing.

Zion Train have a little dub available for free. Also some good videos of their shows.

MP3 4U is a rich source of legal downloads.

Happy listening, and I'll write some more stuff here when I have more time.

Posted at 5:53 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday November 3 2004

I suppose it's time

to write something here. Sorry, I have been a bit remiss of late. Well...

Can you believe those Americans - or about half of them at any rate? The age of the monkey man is truly here. What a terrible day.

Posted at 5:28 pm by Jim Woods

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