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Friday October 8 2004

I thought my email software,

the generally rather estimable Thunderbird, had screwed me. Okay, so it's only version 0.8, but I've found it sufficiently reliable to, well, rely upon it. I was, as those who really care (probably only me, and I'm not even that sure anymore) will recall, using Outlook Express for a bit since I could tie in my Hotmail account to it. Now all that has come to an end because of the vermin spam I have no reason not to use any old mailer. Thunderbird is pretty much the best of the free stuff if you want comprehensive functionality, so I'm back with it for now.

Fine and dandy, but yesterday I thought it had gone completely lala. Every time I went to send something a dialogue appeared asking for my password, and offering to save it for me. I would enter it, and nothing would happen. The email would not be sent, and my rage would grow. I had not previously encountered this dialogue, but assumed that either the mailer had forgotten my password (entered at setup, but hey - software forgets) or that my ISP had begun to demand one as part of the ongoing updating which I know is being carried out. However entering my password, the same one as for my email collection via POP, was getting me nowhere.

What was the problem? Eventually I looked past the ostensible demand for authorization, remembering that generally one does not need it to send mail, only to pick it up. I went into Thunderbird's preferences and turned off the "use name and password" option under mail account settings. All now works as it should. The only mystery is why that option got enabled to start with. I never enabled it. It just kicked in out of nowhere. Bug I guess. People, they're everywhere.

Other than this I have little to report. Still wrestling with legal crap, still skint. Still rocking, but with what seems to be ever-decreasing efficacy. Pissed off with the wet chilly weather, unable to believe that Motorola could write such a bad mobile phone operating system and still be in business and trying to sell a load of old hifi in order to pay bills. Life goes on, like Ariston.

Posted at 2:41 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday October 5 2004

The idea

for a "sweet switch" on my guitar did not work as well as expected. It would have done had I had a load of little capacitors of different values to play with, I reckon, but I ran out of patience and - more fundamentally - bits. If I ever see another penny in my life I'll make a long-overdue run down to Maplin's in Reading and stock up on bits. Incredibly, I don't seem to be able to source electrical components nearer at hand these days...

Anyway, this gives me more time to devote to setting the beastly guitar up at least.

In other news I have been converting all the data I can to plain text files for portability and general lack of hassle. Proprietary formats? A plethora of packages to read or manipulative all my stuff? Not me squire. I'm going as simple as possible.

I trust there will be no further fonty fun, like random changes in the sizes here, but I make no guarantees. It comes and goes, and I don't have time at the moment to really figure it out even supposing it's not a bug and therefore out of my jurisdiction. And I think it is a bug. A big, nasty coruscating one with scaly wings and a leathery tum.

Anyway, time to go and work out how to pay the TV licence (robbery!), and other merry computations.

Posted at 3:44 am by Jim Woods

Monday October 4 2004

This also

is a test.

Posted at 3:12 am by Jim Woods

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