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Thursday September 30 2004

These bloody font sizes!

Has to be a bug in Blog. I'll really get to grips with it when I have time, which with any luck will be tomorrow...

Posted at 7:11 pm by Jim Woods

Fiddling about

with my helectrical guitar, and thinking around a few tonal options that don't involve a nasty tone-sucking conventional tone control sat there malevolently the whole time, I had an idea.

Oops, sorry - this will mean absolutely nothing to most of you for which I apologize.

Thing is, I just love my neck humbucker in its natural state - just running through a volume control and then getting jiggy with my amp. Super. It's the bridge humbucker. I get a nice tight tone from this, with loads of bite and no mud. Perhaps, though, a little too much bite for some circumstances. Delicate flowers have been known to object, so action had to be taken. I remembered that sticking a little

Tuesday September 28 2004

This is a test entry,

because things are not - as ever - how they should be.

Posted at 9:01 pm by Jim Woods

So there I was,

thinking I had my email situation largely sorted out...

Let me just flout convention by ranting on about software for a bit :>

Enraged by the amount of spam which floods my Pipex account, the one which comes "free" with my broadband service, I had noticed that Hotmail seemed to have largely got on top of the whole issue. I don't know how, but the amount of spam which got through to my Hotmail inbox suddenly fell from masses to a few items a day. Obviously some very effective filtering going on, although some good email got junked as well. Still, I added some people to my safe list and all was pretty much hunky dory. I could even access the whole shebang from Outlook Express, which neatly dealt with my objections to pissing about with Hotmail's filthy web interface. Okay, Outlook Express is a bag of nails; I had, however, nobbled everything except plain text in it and slain attachments while I was at it. These steps, coupled with the fact that my antivirus software has the ability to integrate with it, had made the whole thing usable and secure - at least as far as it's possible to make anything secure on the net these days.

Now I see that Microsoft in their infinite wisdom are disabling this kind of access to Hotmail except to paying customers. I have no wish to pay for yet another service, so the dream's over as of next Monday. Apparently spammers are abusing it. No news there, since they abuse everything else. Shits.

It looks as though it's back to using a client with filtering and the old Pipex account. Ho hum. Time to dust off the Thunderbird I suppose...

You know, I really wonder whether all this is worth it sometimes. Ads all over the telly, satellite channels in particular, and ads all over the web. Ads all over the Hotmail interface, a tide of junk through the door, and spam up to the gills. I fantasize about sitting quietly in a bunker with a wind-up gramophone for entertainment.

Posted at 9:00 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday September 26 2004

I imagine

I'll need to do something to sort out the font size thing at some point, but as I'll need to do it laboriously by hand it can wait. I'm far too busy reading books, which is a much more noble calling. Robert Finn's "Adept" is an excellent read, if you're looking for one. Best thing I've read in a while. Just the job for those resting up with the lurgy, or just perfectly reasonably unwilling to get out of bed.

I've been fixing up an old amp head for a musician I sometimes play with too. Is it just me that checks all the nuts and bolts and so forth on my equipment (vicar) periodically? I mean, if you're relying on something to work while you're standing up in public giving it the how big and clever you are, it makes some kind of sense to maintain it doesn't it? Especially if it's something that predates Noah's ark. I have decrepit old gear myself, so the importance of this sort of thing is one of my paramount concerns. *sigh* - the young. I removed a credible bird's nest from inside the thing too, which you'd have thought wouldn't have been allowed to reside there for so long.

In "other blags", I've managed to obtain all three Nick Drake albums from my friend Francis. I've had the best of for ages, and I love it, but checking out the man's entire oeuvre was something I'd had on a to do list for far too long. Recommended.

I see Fahim is back with us and working on Blog again. Excellent. It must be time I mentioned that I use this little free application to generate this site as painlessly as possible. It allows the creation of a blog with no more than the application and some web space such as we all get with out ISP accounts. No server side code, no reliance on additional third parties. It's not entirely bug-free, but it works for me. A recent weirdness with font sizes is the only problem I've ever had with it, and I still can't be sure that that was 100% down to the program. Recent efforts on Fahim's part seem concentrated on providing interoperability with various server-side blogging services, and I would prefer to see some bullet-proofing and interface-polishing done first. But if I want that sort of thing I should learn to program, shouldn't I?


Posted at 2:43 pm by Jim Woods

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