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Saturday September 18 2004


I'm not sure why my blog has suddenly decided to reduce font size. Another bloody software thing I'll have to look at I suppose. I'm pleased to see that Fahim is back on the case after a longish hiatus though.

Posted at 7:56 pm by Jim Woods

Should you be

the kind of person who's capable of holding multiple IM conversations at the same time, as well as surfing away and - for all I know - knitting a quilt, then you may want to check out gaim. It's a free instant messaging client which copes with

Posted at 7:35 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday September 15 2004

Rather an interesting article

Posted at 11:29 pm by Jim Woods

I wish

my computer was quieter so that I could do audio work on it without having to mentally filter out the racket it makes. This is I wish so fervently that I'm going to attack the brute in a moment and see if I can't effect some improvement. I did buy a "silent" power supply at a computer fair, and it puts out an impressive wattage if nothing else. It's not very quiet though, and I suspect that the buggers just make up the decibel ratings they quote on the box :( I suppose that one gets what one pays for. About £25 gets you a noisy silent power supply, and £60 gets you a quiet silent power supply. Screwdriver out. With my luck this year that should result in the death of the unit...


Posted at 10:28 pm by Jim Woods

I know I said

I wasn't going to go on about software any more here. Well, the problem with that is that by the time I get the system booted up and check the email and beat the boundaries of my cyber-bailiwick, and so on and so forth, I'm a fizzing mass of observations about the unsatisfactory - or occasionally satisfactory - state of the interfaces that let me do all this. Then I fire up the blog software, and there we go again....

Of course, you might prefer to hear about how skint and beleaguered I am. No? Quite right - not to be encouraged.

So, about the software: there's a preview release of Mozilla Firefox out, a taste of what version one will be like. As with previous versions it's great, and there's new provision to integrate RSS stuff - which you'll find is a great time saver once you've played around with it.

In other news, I still use the same stuff and I still like it and it's still all listed on the left if you want a look.

And if I had something much else to say I'd say it here but I don't; I have to go and play about with small bits of plastic to get my guitar fettled. And I have to drink a lot of Earl Grey too and have a bath.

And I've a cold coming on, which is a bastard.

See you later.

Posted at 2:04 am by Jim Woods

Monday September 13 2004

Busy, busy, busy

One thing I do have time to say though: the Seymour Duncan '59 model humbucker is very quiet and trebly by comparison with most "normal" modern guitar pickups. Bastard.

I say again, I throw cool links at Inchoate Satellite all the time. In terms of content generation, though, that's about all I do right now.

Posted at 2:45 am by Jim Woods

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