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Wednesday September 8 2004

While looking

around for a decent map of the arrondissements of Paris, a city in which I have spent rather too little time of late having traditionally visited with some frequency, I came across this one. What's good about it is that, although it's a really small and general map, it's got a nice little "character profile" of each area. So if you were booking a hotel online for example, you could have a look here and get an impression of the kind of demography of its location. Oh, and the reason why I was looking for something like this is this story in The Guardian. Extraordinary. I'm all for underground archaeology stuff, as you'll know. I have so far not found a site with really comprehensive information on the catacombs, but then of course their very nature rather precludes that.

Posted at 3:22 pm by Jim Woods

Monday September 6 2004

I love my

"Blog This!" button on the Firefox toolbar. I'm sure I've probably mentioned it before, but I'm so partial to it I'll mention it again. I look at a site, or more accurately a page, and I find that it is good. I hit this little button and a dialogue comes up with the URL and page title ready in it, and can add an entry at this point if I like. I hit publish and the entry is published to my Blogger site. It doesn't get much easier than that. I treat this as an online bookmark service, where I can access stuff I've found from anywhere - and as a happy by-product so can anyone else. If you are a compulsive explorer of the web then this is a great boon. I don't know that I would trust my actual, lovingly hand-turned blog to a free service (because in the final analysis nothing free is without a catch), but I sure as hell don't mind having the ability to store all my raw stuff so very easily. Oh, and needless to say the facility has been a pain in the arse to get working properly with Internet Explorer. But then the world has rather moved on from that in any case, what with the official line among the cognoscenti now being "just say no".

Blog, the free software which I use to create this main blog and for which I am a tireless evangelist, is currently somewhat stalled in terms of new releases. This is because the author has been busy with other things, but I'm sure he's doing what he can.

And in other news I'm still very under-employed, busy with onerous legal and financial stuff relating to the family and pissed off. I am however pissing about with software and writing about it a little. Well, at least as far as it concerned publishing online. I like publishing online.

Posted at 2:30 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday September 5 2004

Good old Sapientum,

whose fine acts include linking to my site from his, has produced a treat for webcam lovers. He has knocked up a page of UK webcams. Not just links to them, but the actual pictures. Good stuff. Now you too can watch the state of the nation, live, as we all trudge in quiet desperation through the rain paying top dollar for f*ck-all. That's the stuff.

Posted at 3:05 am by Jim Woods

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