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Wednesday September 1 2004

I'd forgotten

what a pain in the neck it was sorting through stuff to go to the recycling. I mean, yesterday's junk is tomorrow's treasure isn't it? Being interested in history I have some difficulty in discarding stuff out of hand. Still, I don't think the cultural historians of the future will be able to do anything other than sit whimpering and rocking gently when confronted with the last few years worth of the Sky subscriber magazine for example. Or maybe this vacuous munter-fodder will be seen as a prized reminder of the good old days? I don't know. I guess I'm doing the right thing in returning all this crap that comes flooding through the door and into my life to the recyclers so that they can turn it into more of the same, but I'm not sure.

Actually, further thought leads me to the conclusion that this sort of stuff is almost certainly not printed on recycled paper. Oh no, we're trading our forests and probably ultimately the future of humanity for a load of bollocks that no-one reads but that we all have foisted upon us anyway. Printed matter eh? I remember my grandparents diligently sorting through anything printed in case it had value, and keeping stuff to show others at that. Who'd have thought that information, traditionally seen as empowering and valuable, would become so diluted and ubiquitous and commercial that my main problem with it would be its screening and disposal. Almost all of it has some tie-in to selling something; if I want stuff I'll look round the shops, or paperlessly search online thank you.

With which grumbling and pessimism I think it's time to fire up the old ecocidal dwarf Cadillac and cart another ton or so of shite to the depot. Sun's out.

Posted at 9:45 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday August 31 2004

Want to record

streaming media? Here's a list of useful software, which can be a bugger to find in my experience. There are all sorts of ways of doing this sort of thing, and as a look through the list reveals there are many, many packages you can try. There are also many, many methods of streaming as well as formats so that all helps to make things even trickier. Frankly, it does my head in to install masses of little bits of software on the off-chance that there will be a fortunate alignment of the planets and the stream will record. My experience is that it's just as likely that my Windows installation will get munged and weird and seemingly unrelated-to-streaming issues will arise. And I'm talking about audio. Video is even worse. Loads of different codecs, masses of utilities; even more likelihood of munging the system. It's more fun to get some underwear that's far too small and sit in the sun until you burn, while listening to angle-grinding on headphones.

So I did a bit of lateral thinking. I only want to record audio streams, and I have enough cabling of various sorts to go from here to China. From one of my many boxes of cables I exhumed that most prized of "we don't stock its", the 3.5 mm stereo jack to 3.5 mm stereo jack lead. One end in the line out of my sound card, and the other in the line in. Elegant, no. But there ain't a nasty little protection trick in the world that will prevent copying digital-analogue-digital. Brute force and ignorance, baby. Works every time.

Posted at 8:33 am by Jim Woods

Monday August 30 2004

I'm linking stuff all the time

from the old satellite blog, just haven't had time to write much here. Sorry.

Posted at 5:25 am by Jim Woods

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