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Wednesday August 25 2004

As I say,

my software's nutted. And I certainly don't need to go poking around for more of it, or go ranting on about browsers here.

Seen Sage?

Did I mention how much I love Firefox?

Posted at 4:39 am by Jim Woods

Sunday August 22 2004

The reason

I've not been writing at any great length here is because I have an epic amount of legal and financial stuff which I am wrestling with right now. Indeed, I shall be tied up with this for at least another three months if not longer. It's inappropriate to discuss details here, but suffice it to say that all other projects other than those from which I actually make money (or might) are on indefinite hold. I continue to link to stuff which I feel deserves the oxygen of publicity, but lengthy editorials are unlikely for the moment. Sorry, but sometimes life is more hectic than at other times...

I have now been running a parallel blog here for nearly a month. The purpose of this other blog, almost devoid as it is of any commentary other than raw links, is twofold. Firstly, it's my playing with the Blogger software because it's very popular and easy to use and therefore something which I feel I should have at least a passing familiarity with. And secondly it's my location-independent record of my doings online, which I am developing because when I have got to the bottom of current complications in the family affairs I shall be travelling as much as I can and doing some research in the process, and such a facility will be important to me. Because I can literally throw stuff out of my browser and onto this other blog with such facility, it is probably always likely to be a richer source of links than Inchoate proper (which of course is where you're reading this). If you think I link to interesting stuff, I recommend you read that blog as well as this one. If you enjoy my ranting and raving, you'll find what there is of it here. One think I do promise is that although I am going to have to concentrate a lot of energy elsewhere for the time being I am going to keep this site up and running and update it where I can. I'm not going away.

Regular readers will have noticed that there has been a lot less stuff on here about consumer electronics, media formats and software of late. This is because I've largely settled on my technologies of choice. I have, whatever I may have previously said, no particular intention to spend a lot of time and money on such things for the moment, and may in fact simplify my technological life in future. I find that the music I can stream from web radio via iTunes is keeping me very satisfied, and I'm reading a lot. Television is taking a back seat, and I listen to BBC Radio 4 a fair amount. My focus is changing from the acquisition of huge amounts of media and culture to actually concentrating in depth on some of it. This doesn't mean I won't write about technology here in the future, but it does mean that it's not going to be such a focus as it has been in the past.

Spam has been largely vanquished, by what would until recently have been the unlikely method of using my longstanding Hotmail account. I mean, why fiddle endlessly with software filtering and rules when someone else has nutted it out free of charge? The advent of Gmail means that Microsoft have been forced to really work on their own offering, and this is A Good Thing. Mozilla seems to have been having a similar effect on Internet Explorer, which now works rather more securely and has popup blocking as of XP SP2. Perhaps we're beginning to turn a corner here. Anyway, I don't need to concentrate so much on web technology when it all begins to (finally) do the things I and others want. Great.

Surf on, write on and I'll see you soon.

Posted at 11:48 pm by Jim Woods

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