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Saturday August 14 2004

Explore jazz

through one photograph. That's what it says on the site. You could have a go. I must say that the "jazz styles" section does make things a little clearer. This isn't a comprehensive history of jazz, or anything like it, but there is a lot of interesting information summarized here for brief perusal.

Posted at 3:33 pm by Jim Woods

Needs must,


when the devil vomits in your kettle.

Posted at 4:02 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday August 11 2004

You really must

have a shufti at this page, and play with the first image with your mouse. Trust me on this one.

Posted at 5:20 pm by Jim Woods

Oh, and another thing -

I'd really like to get into the Radiohead web site. I crave the morose musings and dismal pondering that comes of private education and Oxford residence. Really. I want it, I want it all. Given the rather moribund nature of the old Floyd these days I can see no other alternative both incomprehensible and resolutely, beautifully fragile and downbeat. But can I get in? Can I f*ck.

There is a preamble to the site which deals with cookies. You are required to accept one. Okay, fine. I trust the 'head. I doubt that worlds will crumble if I accept a cookie from them. Indeed, perhaps if I accept this small gift there will be some added karmic burden of ennui to be derived. Bring it on - I'll nestle the cookie to the bosom of my browser, and stroke it neurotically like a villain and his cat.

No such luck. Accepting the cookie and clicking to proceed simply takes me to a page called "brokencookie" and cordially invites me to try again until I'm old and grey. No good. No joy. Perhaps this is the point? Perhaps this is a subtle comment? Perhaps it's a pointed remark on the state of the internet today, where the need to actually access some content and get some stuff done is balanced by fear, uncertainty and doubt. Should I accept this or that cookie, or disable scripting, or even go to a certain site? Is it the site it says it is? Is my anti-virus software up to date? Is there spyware lurking? Is this spyware removal software actually spyware? Should I throw the whole computer in the pond and stick with listening to vinyl and eight track cartridges and playing with my calculator? Am I holding my digital watch too close to my balls for long-term reproductive health?

I can see the art, but not the bloody web site. I've tried with Mozilla Firefox (hurrah), Internet Explorer and Maxthon (which is just the latest incarnation of the MyIE2 shell for Internet Explorer). Nothing. No matter how much I allow the cookie, or delete it and start over. The frail cookie withers against my cold disapproval. I am beginning to think that this is an XP Service Pack 2 thing. For I have taken advantage of the new availability of said mega patch and installed it for my greater safety. How about one of you who has not as yet properly updated your system have a go and see how you get on? I'd be interested to know.


Posted at 1:20 pm by Jim Woods

Another cheery day

spent removing viruses and spyware from a couple of people's computers yesterday. It's a job...

Today, a meeting with an accountant and a few other chores. I tell you, it's all go...

Posted at 1:16 pm by Jim Woods

Monday August 9 2004

Here's a good

U-boat wreck. A healthy dose of mystery surrounding it as well, which should sustain you while I pass the time in celebrating my sister's birthday as a two-day event.

Posted at 5:51 pm by Jim Woods

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