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Friday August 6 2004

As a keen consumer of Guinness

I applaud the dedication and ingenuity of this man. Oh that all science were directed at such noble aims.

I also found another great streaming audio source. Have a listen to some of the stuff at Digitally Imported. I feel very Goa Trancy at the moment; I think it's the good weather...

Posted at 3:45 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday August 5 2004

I never knew

that one of the UK's principal dealers in home automation was just down the road from me. Simply Automate, cunningly hidden out on the Oxford Science Park where I have not been because I fear mutant bio tech-created monsters and suited individuals displaying none of the traditional characteristics of rock musicians. More fool I, because it seems you can go there during normal retail hours and peruse the toys - and believe me, at my earliest convenience I bloody well will. I suppose that when you think about it home automation stuff is the kind of fiddle and money that means it's not for everyone, so there's some logic in not having an expensive town centre shop front. You don't do the retail on a Saturday and come home with a few grands worth of kit to turn your gaff into a Bond-villain HQ on impulse.

Well actually, that's just the sort of thing I would do if I carried my credit card around all the time and I'd been enjoying an afternoon of dub with all the trimmings.

Regular readers and offline friends will know that I have a house which is chiefly remarkable for two things: it's very cool and it's very small. Probably too small, which is a bugger, but then probably too cool as well - which is not. If I stay living in it, which I may or may not as things are in flux rather at the moment, I am considering a technical solution to the problem of having a large amount of media distributed around the place. I use a TiVo to process all my video, and I use computers (well, one big one at the moment actually) a lot for work and for audio. The idea of putting in a hidden wireless network which enables me to access almost everything from everywhere is a very appealing one since there's no practical way to stick everything in one tiny room and live in it. The cost of rebuilding the house to open-plan it as far as is possible is prohibitive. I've looked at it. It's a total rebuild. So that's out. Therefore the wireless network is the answer. I'll be costing and designing this, move notwithstanding, and doing something along these lines over the next six months or so. I'll let you know how I get on...

Posted at 1:13 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday August 4 2004

The latest efforts to get to the bottom

of the Mallory and Irvine mystery continue apace with the write-ups. I've also found another good resource on the topic here, with plenty of good links.

ADSLguide will be interesting to UK readers who use broadband, or are thinking of so doing.

And if you want to relax in a spectacular setting in Oxford, try this, although I can't believe it's news to many residents.

Posted at 11:56 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday August 3 2004

Of course

when you think about it plain text is the only data format you stand a sporting chance of being able to access over the years. At least if you want to use your info on any platform, and with any software, in the future. This the geeks know, and I seem to remember linking to an article along these lines in the past. But then there's really not a lot you can do about formatting in plain text is there? So paste it into a simple HTML framework and hey presto, accessible from any browser - and I imagine there'll always be browsers. The more I think about it, the more I tip the browser as the general utility software of the future. Arguably it's the general utility software of the present. Data portability is essential. I don't know how much of my time I've wasted converting essential stuff between formats, but I know it's been far too much.

Posted at 9:04 pm by Jim Woods

Monday August 2 2004

The problems

outlined here have now apparently been fixed, so Windows users should get the old update fired up and do their thing.

Round and round and round.

Posted at 7:31 pm by Jim Woods

My friend Elliott

continues to excel. His website is here. Those looking to have really fine photos taken could do much worse than check it out!

Posted at 7:21 pm by Jim Woods

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