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Friday July 30 2004


having a fairly strict policy here not to simply regurgitate links from other blogs I read, because it seems the entire blogosphere does exactly that, I sometimes come across stuff I'm so keen on that I cannot help but pass it on. This bespoke audio system site is one of those. Feast your eyes.

I remain hopeful that the low number of other blogs I read, as well as the small amount of time I spend so doing, will keep contamination to a minimum. But then of course it's always possible that there are people out there linking to the stuff I link to because they've seen it here, so I guess that's the nature of the phenomenon.

The observant will have noticed by now - and I can hear the frantic clicking of the unobservant rapidly becoming the observant - that inchoate satellite has found its metier. Flushed with the delights of having a "blog this" button on my Firefox toolbar I've been using the new blog to store links, with some annotation where necessary and of course time stamping built in. This may not be the most creative use ever of Blogger, but it sure keeps me happy. If you want to know what I'm finding interesting at a given point, this'll tell you. Or maybe not. Thrilling stuff, eh? My natural anarchic resistance to having a lot of my stuff tied to someone else's server and software means that it's not going to be in any way a replacement for this blog. Just an adjunct, a kind of flexible online link store.

Until I think of something else to do with it. I couldn't be the only person on the web without a blog at Blogger, could I?

Posted at 8:10 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday July 28 2004

Just remembered

the adjective hectic. Good adjective.

Posted at 7:04 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday July 27 2004


with the trend of posting interesting links in the hope that no-one will notice that I'm not writing any ranty opinion pieces (because I am a busy bastard) I offer the following good stuff:

A short ode to why this guy uses a typewriter. I, for the record, do not.

As a geographer, this project to photograph all the confluences of latitude and longitude rather appeals.

The Museum of RetroTechnology contains what it says on the can. I really recommend a look at some of the stuff here. Of course, some of my friends have older and stranger equipment still...

And finally, here's Blogger. I have been aware that this has been around for ages, and indeed was almost certainly the service that started the "blogging revolution". Now given my penchant for keeping my stuff on my own computer and uploading it to my own side I've been doing my blogging the way you see before you now. And that will probably remain the case. There is, however, a case for the Blogger approach. It's free for the basic service, and it's really easy to set up, and there is a toolbar button for your browser that allows you to throw stuff at your Blogger blog in about ten seconds flat. Result: It's a great way to earmark content and make notes which can be accessed remotely via any old browsing donkey. I'm having a play with it because I have a few uses in mind for a secondary blog. Inchoate Satellite is here. I make no guarantees that it's worth looking at or ever will be, but you may want to consider taking the facility for a spin if you fancy publishing online with minimal effort.

Posted at 5:41 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday July 25 2004


abuse and misuse of musical tools. With a name like that, how can you resist this site? Engage QuickTime and listen to the filthy racket, of which there is a cornucopia. Fine, fine stuff.

I hope you all realized that the U-boat porn I posted a few days back resides on a site which is a marvel in itself. Do check out, in particular, the point and click shipwreck map.

I'm still very busy, which is why I'm quiet here. If you need a toy to play with, though, The Hatter swears by this wild GUI for Windows. So far I haven't used it and cannot therefore opine. I like the idea though.

Posted at 7:57 pm by Jim Woods

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