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Friday July 16 2004


the best tabbed browser interface I've found for the IE engine, has been renamed Maxthon (from one appalling name to another, really) and there is now a new site for it to boot. Given what it does, I'd have called it CrapWrapper or something but then of course I didn't go to the considerable trouble of writing it, so who cares what I'd have called it? If your lust for disaster has resulted in your persisting in using IE - naked in does-f*ck-all mode or under a shell - then you should check it out.

If like me you want a proper browser, however, run Firefox.

Posted at 10:03 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday July 15 2004

I like the design

of this, The Site for Sore Eyes. I like its clarity and lack of bells and whistles. Attractive design is great as eye-candy, but it often gets in the way of legibility. So I'm always pleased to find someone who has created something where the design is subsidiary to the content. And this particular site, although overall somewhat geek-flavoured, has a nice eclecticism of content. I like all the Commodore 64 stuff; the Commy was the first personal computer I owned that was actually much use for anything at all.

Posted at 2:22 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday July 14 2004

As a peace offering

for being so busy, may I present you with a couple of stonking links?

Kramer Guitars vintage website includes a load of good pictures, amongst them many of Eddie Van Halen's home brewed beasts. Widdle on...

And if, like me, your house needs work the UK D.I.Y. FAQ will prove an invaluable resource.

Ooh looky here - a huge dub site! Bonus.

Posted at 8:34 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday July 13 2004

Quiet here

because events have rather overtaken me and I've had little time to spend on the web.

I did find a nice site to tell you all about Outlook Express and provide tools and methods to get around its deficiencies though.

Posted at 4:33 am by Jim Woods

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