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Friday June 25 2004


is a little fishing village just North of Boulogne in the Pas-de-Calais. I mention it here because firstly I like small seaside places (and have visited this one many times) and secondly because I like castles. Ambleteuse has a great little fort which is often completely surrounded by the sea. Have a look at these pictures. Also of interest is the extensive Musee 39-45 in the village, particularly well stocked with Second World War uniforms and other personal items.

The "deux caps" coastline between Calais and Boulogne is actually an interesting little strip of twenty miles or so. If you are killing time before a cross channel ferry, or just in the area, there are some great views and places to visit. Another great military history site is the Batterie Todt. It's a WWII museum housed chiefly in a large concrete gun battery built by the Germans to guard the straits of Dover and shell England. Outside the museum are various vehicles and - o joy - a railway gun. Look at the railway gun. Very naughty. The little restaurant next to the museum is fair too if you want a hot dog or similar.

Posted at 12:51 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday June 23 2004

I am doing

some garden maintenance, a bit of spring cleaning - yeah, I know, I'm late - and continuing one of my life's great works, namely figuring out reversible and presentable ways of nobbling the Floyd Rose trem on an electric guitar. For those not in the know, the Floyd is the industry standard heavy rock animal noise creation device. Sounds like an aircraft dive bombing, or as I prefer to say a rhinoceros sexually assaulting a refrigerator. You know, one of those big ones with a wire mesh on the back to protect the cooling coils. Well, not against a rhinoceros, obviously, but against partially eaten birds your cats have chased there, for example. Anyway, the fun to be had is because the whole device is so fundamental to the design of the instrument as a whole that you cannot simply nobble it with a screwdriver and a block of wood as you can other designs - such as the Fender one we know and love and its relatives.

I'll spare you any more on this topic. I just happened to acquire a killer electric guitar that sounds nice and plays fantastically well, but has said attachment. I'll use the trem here and there, but not on a regular basis. So here I am surrounded by bits of wood and tools. Whoopee.

I found a good site dealing with all aspects of digital photography, by the way.

Back to battle...

Posted at 5:44 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday June 22 2004

I haven't spent the time

to look around specifically at the huge number of webrings that exist. But I have stumbled across another rather good one. If like me you're keen on chilies, and hot and spicy food in general, then I present for your delectation The Ring of Fire. Lovely.

I might also point out that it seems widely acceptable to talk about chili or chilli. I'm not sure which is the correct spelling of this one. I guess it depends on what language you are in. Or rather where your chillies are from. At least the plural is probably chillies.

Posted at 11:46 am by Jim Woods

Sunday June 20 2004

Many Faces of Decay

is another nice urban exploration site. I use The Urban Exploration Ring as my starting point for - whaddya know - urban exploration. If you, like me, are currently doing all your urban exploration vicariously via the web, you could do a lot worse than have a shufti at the sites listed on the ring.

Posted at 10:55 am by Jim Woods

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