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Saturday June 5 2004


I'm still using Outlook Express for my email, having decided a few weeks ago that I had had enough bad experiences with missing and un-received messages to warrant a bit of software trial and error. And believe it or not I'd never used Outlook Express before. I'm as worried, if not more so, than the next user about the Swiss cheese security of it, but what the hell - my system's patched up to date and I see that my virus checker, AVG, integrates with it. My experience has been mixed. I quite like the Outlook Express (hitherto referred to as OE) for its speed and ease of use. It has also been stable and reliable, but then it should be given the amount of testing it has had in the field. After all, everyone and their uncle's using it. But my email service is still not utterly reliable, and it wasn't with Thunderbird either. Therefore I need to get to the bottom of the problem, and can almost certainly rule out my software as the cause. I also may as well use any email software, since that isn't what's causing these particular problems.

When I first went on the net a very, very long time ago (more than a decade now) I used an email package called Pegasus. It was and is free, and the only complaint I had in probably six or seven years of daily use was that it was primarily aimed at LAN users, and the internet email side of it seemed to have lacked a little finesse. It was also a pig to set up and use as it had a hell of a lot of function but rather unintuitive form. I've vaguely kept tabs on it though, as it is still in development. Slowish development, but development nonetheless. Since I am in the market for email software I've downloaded and installed the latest version with a view to having a play. My first, very brief, impressions are that it's really come on. You may want to take a look.

I'll fill you in when I've had time to play around with it more.

Posted at 7:34 pm by Jim Woods

Find out

what the government have been up to...

The National Archives Online Catalogue is your one-stop shop for the "archives of central government, courts of law and other national bodies". Well, not a shop exactly. You'll need to go to Kew to view the documentation, but this online resource will help you to know what's there, and you can put in advance requests to have stuff ready and waiting for you.

Posted at 6:02 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday June 3 2004

Summer's here

and the music festivals are on. In fact there now seem to be more festivals than people, but whatever. I doubt that too many music festivals is a problem, and I doubt that it's going to be. I have largely consigned festivals to the "young man's game" area of my life at this point. And I preferred 'em when they were pretty much underground, but then who remembers that? Raves are (or were) more recently handling that side of things. But the principle's good, and in the process of doing a little checking up on what there is I found this rather good site - Virtual Festivals. It covers all the biggies, and it also has our local Truck, which is smallish at 3000 bodies or so. So I figure the resource is sound.

Roll on the tent. Don't roll on the roll-on. Rock and roll.

Posted at 2:31 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday June 2 2004

I'm keen

on browsers, as is widely known. I'm not averse to a good old stand-back-and-take-stock-of-the-evils-of-the-situation either, as it happens. So this is an interesting article on why we should all be doing our browsing in Mozilla-based software. Oh yes.

Posted at 7:52 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday June 1 2004

Not doing too badly

According to the CEO of Technorati, describable in brief as a blog-watching service:

Technorati tracks 2.4 million blogs.

45% haven't posted in three months.

Around 200,000 new blogs are created daily.

Meaning that, with regard to the second of these figures, I am a paragon of entry-creating virtue. I feel much less put-upon now.


Posted at 2:07 pm by Jim Woods

Monday May 31 2004


Ooh, hello.

I'm always here, you know. It's just that sometimes you can't see me. You have to look at the site right.

That's bollocks, obviously.

I've been off gallivanting around licensed premises catching up with old friends, and pursuing various music-related activities. A boy has to live.

And the next month, at least, is going to be the same story. I therefore apologize for the dearth of writing here, but I must refer to you earlier comments where I've consistently maintained that if all I had to write up was links nicked from other blogs I'd just write less. Because you really don't have to read many blogs or visit many sites on a regular basis to realize that there's a hell of a lot of waffle and duplicated content on the web. I aim to be more in-depth and iconoclastic, hopefully succeeding at least partially, and therefore how much content I post depends heavily on how much web I do. Takes a lot of time. So I'm intending to continue stressing quality over quantity.

Here's a nice link to some pinhole camera pics of Amsterdam, by the way.

Also noteworthy is that the indispensable Spybot Search and Destroy is now available in a final 1.3 (non-beta) release. This you will want. The IE-fortifying memory-resident part is now much easier to control via a permanent system-tray icon.

I'm still using Outlook Express for my email, after all I've said about it in the past. The reasoning, as regular readers will remember, was that email seemed to be going missing. I seem to have narrowed this down a bit; I send email which people receive, but do not always get their replies. At least by running Outlook Express for the duration I reap the benefits of its really, really wide usage: For all its security problems, it's known to work. Still working on the question of unreliable email, then, but I must confess that I haven't had the time to do much.

Perhaps I should give some thought to a web-based solution, but really don't like 'em.

Good to touch base. See you anon...


Posted at 2:00 am by Jim Woods

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