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Thursday May 27 2004

It's all go,

so I'm afraid it's going to be a little quiet around here for the time being.

Posted at 10:33 am by Jim Woods

Monday May 24 2004


after a near-deadly struggle with a small hedge in my garden, I find time to catch up with the old blog a bit.

I've been unearthing some good stuff recently. No real common theme to it, so I'll just list up the links:

There's a pretty comprehensive Pipex ISP server monitor here. The news servers in particular can be a bit hit or miss. At least with this page you can tell if it's your problem or theirs...

Snopes here enables you to get to the bottom of urban legends. Keep hearing the same old stories?

PRWeb is a free wire service by means of which you can release whatever story you like to news services. A very valuable tool when you think about it, although of course you need to remember that releasing a story is not synonymous with anyone picking it up.

An interesting story and discussion on Asperger's Syndrome here. I can't think why I was looking for this one. Really :>

Which concludes today's contribution, as I have much more housework, paperwork and gardening to do. Also, life is relatively good. Which means low levels of ranting. Unless I get started on software, which I'm resolutely not going to.



Posted at 7:02 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday May 23 2004

An interesting Michael Moore

interview here in the Observer.

Sorry for the terseness of recent posts. A bit too caught up in birthday revelries and other stuff...

Actually, not too caught up. It's all good. But not for the writing.

Posted at 2:38 pm by Jim Woods

Plot thickening


Posted at 2:58 am by Jim Woods

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