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Friday May 14 2004

Rather busy

over the last few days, but in my perambulations I found a couple of interesting things on the web. Firstly, there's a nice little list of shortcuts using the Windows key (yep, it's good for something) here. I'm all for keyboard shortcuts, because they're so quick.

Also, in the process of finishing off mastering the CD I mentioned, I needed to find some techie stuff on CD burning. Google led me to Club CD Freaks, where I found an incredible amount of stuff, particularly on the large discussion fora. If you've got a query about CD or DVD stuff, or you're just a saddo like me who quite enjoys reading about such things, then you should have a look.

Right, I'm returning to my epic skintness in the real world now...


Posted at 2:02 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday May 12 2004

After my

(rather incoherent, I fear) last post I decided to go to see the Bullingdon Arms Tuesday Jazz, and then fly home to do a spot of mastering. I've been mastering a jazz CD. It's a good one. It was all done incredibly, don't-tell-anyone-because-they-won't-believe-it fast. Honestly. So mastering it to sound great was a challenge. At least I recorded it and mixed it, with help, so I knew what I needed to do. I have something I'm happy with, though, after discarding previous efforts and just doing a six hour session from scratch. I treated the previous efforts as a learning new software period, since there were a few things I wasn't clear about.

I'm tired, and I'm turning in. Things to do tomorrow.

If you want a great piece of audio software that's free get Audacity. It's a life-saver.

Posted at 7:00 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday May 11 2004


If you're a user of Blog, then you'll possibly be interested in what's going on with it. Users of Blogger are going to be pleased when various aspects of support for it are worked out. In fact, current development seems centred around support for remote blogs. Which I avoid, and here's why...

I run my blog, and Blog, client side. Everything sits on my machine, and is duly published to the web as html. From my perspective, this is nice and simple. It means I don't have to fart around with any scripting on my web space - and therefore have not had to get to grips with it either - and it means that by pointing the Blog application at any location to which I have ftp access I can change the location of the blog. Simple as that. No ties to any service or ISP. Lovely. The whole thing is as autonomous as you can get without actually running on your own server.

You see, I have a problem with remote services. They offer you free email, blogs and all sorts of things. And this is all good so far. They have the great advantage of allowing access from pretty much any net-connected computer, and for some people this is also all good. But there are reasons why I steer clear of them. I have used a lot of online services in the past so cunning that they were able to finely gauge the moment when I was totally reliant upon them before they folded or asked me to start paying or imposed some unreasonable terms and conditions. That we can all live without.

Look at HotMail. All sorts of hell breaks loose if you don't access your account for a while or pay money for a premium service. I fail to see the point of having access to your email from anywhere if you then have to make sure that you are not away from the net for any lengthy period of time. I'd sooner just use the email account that I get with my net access, which also offers me the possibility of using the client software of my choice. Yes, I have to be at home to use it; I have to be at home to do most things with any degree of comfort and control. I don't view this as a limitation. Were I a Tuareg I might, but this is not the case. Were I to travel around the world for a year I would have rather more to do, I hope, than muck around on the internet. And accessing mail by a browser interface is so s-l-o-w. SMS on a mobile phone is the way to stay in touch IMHO. Much more elegant solution.

Maybe I'm a control freak, but I like my own computer set up my way. Failing that, I'll do something that doesn't require a computer until I'm home again.

Posted at 7:34 pm by Jim Woods

Monday May 10 2004

Well well,

perhaps it's just an <ahem> healthy growing appetite, but I found this article on the "celebrity" chef at Google interesting. Oh to be in the kind of high-budget environment where this sort of thing's routine.

Posted at 7:16 am by Jim Woods


I do not much like. Not the look, and not the space they were taking up in my small garden. The last conifer was given a new home at key brethren The Hatter's altogether far more palatial residence over the weekend. This is all good. The mastering of what is turning out to be a really good jazz record continues, and this is also very good. A beery and productive weekend, overall.

Was hardly on the net at all though, I'm afraid, so no links here for the moment.

Posted at 4:11 am by Jim Woods

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