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Saturday May 8 2004


What a production! Sorry, couldn't resist. More details soon...

Posted at 8:11 pm by Jim Woods

Friday May 7 2004


Pipex news servers s-l-o-w today. Weather still rather chilly for May too. And I have to go to the supermarket. It's all good. Not.

Posted at 6:30 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday May 5 2004

The end of the human era?

Well, it'd save a lot of money on the bar bills at any rate. However, there might be a downside. Read here.

Posted at 4:59 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday May 4 2004

Random interesting stuff

which I found while looking for instruction in advanced hoe technique (it's the bloody weeds). Give this lot ten dollars and you may get to travel into the future. Don't go drinking and get clumsy adjacent to this shipwreck. Amazing what one finds. Genuine Italian Rolex for $100 sir? I'm not even going to link to rubbish like that. I'm going to go to Rye. Because it looks civilized, and it's got a castle. Tea shops and fortifications, that's going to be my exotic travel experience over the next few months. Low rent, moi?

I'm liking the Thunderbird. But I tried out a slew - like 4 or 5 - freeware newsreaders, and they all sucked so strongly that I'm not bothering to list them. Seems like Xnews is still the only decent one, and that acts up on Pipex's binaries server(s). Just my luck.

Ah, the sun may be coming out. Good for the weed growth. Super.

Posted at 10:52 am by Jim Woods


Ah, that magnet for undesirable crap. But we love it, and we use it. So we need software to do it. I've talked about this before, and quite a lot. I'm a Vivian Mail user at the moment, and in fact I have been for a year or so. It's small, it's free, it's easy to set up and it largely works. Sometimes it crashes out on me, but as far as I know I haven't lost anything important. I keep looking around at the options, which are surprisingly few in terms of free email packages that work well with all relevant facilities. Pimmy's small and free and quite nice. I used it for a bit, and it worked well. Pegasus, of course, is the daddy. But even after years of experience I still find it a trial to set up and a bit cluttered on the interface. It really kills on a LAN, since its roots are in this world other than the internet. Eudora is adware these days, and I never liked it anyway. Too Outlooky. And stuff Outlook Express; security is difficult enough to ensure as it is without that extra burden of targetability to bear.

No, I'm a Thunderbird man now. I've talked about it at length before, so use the search if you want to know more. Suffice it to say that it has excellent junk-controlling facilities (and spam's a real bugbear of mine, as you'll know by now) and all generally works well. It's free, and there's been a new release in the last couple of days; it's very much a happening, ongoing proposition. Dear old Vivian hasn't seen a release in the last 18 months, and experience tells me that this usually means that freeware has gone to heaven, or up the pictures. Given the changing nature of net security and operating systems and so on, it's nice to use current software as problems are likely to be fixed and features added. I was talking to a friend last night, and he's having instability problems with Vivian Mail too; seems like time for a change.

I'm recommending Thunderbird, and I'm also going to just say that you do need to spend some time setting it up and going through the options. It's a large, powerful mailer and there are many quite un-obvious options and features. Given a bit of care though it's a good tool, which seems to have come of age with this last release.

I may even see what it's like for newsgroups, if I have the energy...

Posted at 1:49 am by Jim Woods

Monday May 3 2004


Thought I'd clean out my (only) cupboard of any size, and sort out the contents tonight. I sat and observed the site for a while, imagining it all nice and tidy. Eventually it became clear to me that the situation was not improving. I had observed and planned for some time, and the cupboard was unrelenting. At this point I realized quite what I was dealing with, and that I was going to have to actually physically involve myself in the process before any improvement would be effected.

So I went and had a cup of tea instead. Watched some tv - of which still too much, still perilously close to seeming like a chore (TiVo, builds up stuff faster than anyone with a life can watch it). Decided to tidy out computer instead, with some results. Looked out of window at garden and bicycle and remembered maintenance on both needed. Wrote in diary for forthcoming week that various friends badly need visiting, and resolved to try to fit this around entirely voluntary workload - some of which potentially very rewarding and some of which really unlikely to be. Pondered unsatisfactory nature of finances pursuant from this, and then pondered glumly forthcoming epic tussle with accountants and tax.

Pondered holiday, and concluded money simply not there.

Decided enough pondering, and drank much beer with staunch allies.

I tell you, my bank holiday weekend is just flying by. I don't know about yours...

Posted at 2:54 am by Jim Woods

Sunday May 2 2004

Fancy looking at a photo essay

concerning eminent Dutch architect Rem Koolhas's work? I did, but if you don't then stay away from here.

Saw another frog today. Excellent.

Posted at 5:46 am by Jim Woods

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