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Friday April 30 2004


I also see that Fahim has resumed working on Blog, the application which I use to create this site. Jolly good. It's still the only tool that I know of which will allow a user to create a blog without any more facilities than some free web space, and to keep a full copy of the whole shebang locally. Three more cheers.

Posted at 6:54 pm by Jim Woods

It is possible

to obtain new and used monster General Motors and Hummer vehicles from Bauer Millett in Manchester. While I can't recommend a 10 mpg monster the size of your house as a practical method of moving your carcass around the UK, we can all dream. So have a shufti at their stock lists, where you can do a "Homer Simpson sighting donuts" style slobbering manoeuvre.

Posted at 6:32 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday April 29 2004

Project Guitar

I stumbled into this site while looking for some stuff on potentiometers for a project. There is an awful lot of good stuff on it, arguably everything you'd need to know to do anything to anything guitar-wise. If you want to get into doing your own modifications or maintenance, or even want to build your own guitar, then do have a look.

Posted at 4:04 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday April 27 2004

Too much information.

I remember well when the coming of the internet made we of a technical bent believe that publishing was now democratized, and that access to information (as simply put as that) would immeasurably improve and facilitate our lives. Actually, it was 1990 or so; that was when we could get the internet at home easily. Huge phone bills and so on, but we had it. And what has been the result? Loads of info, info not the problem. The quality of that info widely varying, but then who said we'd never have to learn more discernment? The information age is really here, in that all but the very poorest or most disinterested have internet access in their homes - creaky dial-up and all. If you want net, and the many things upon it, you got net.

Life immeasurably improved and facilitated? Not really. Used to do loads of things which screwed up because of a lack of information? Granted, we'd all have made better choices with more to go on. But now it's the other way around. Do very little, because of loads of time spent on the net researching not only necessary choices but endless what-ifs as well. All this information is not always a healthy thing, if you don't know when to stop reading and act. Actions are informed, but inaction doesn't have to be.

So I've uninstalled Bottom Feeder, which I wrote about a while back - you could have a look, if you fancy using the snazzy site search. It's a little slow, but it's free and it works well. I wish it all the best in its various homes around the place, but it will not have a home on my computer. Because for some a piece of software that fires single-line headlines and teasing, quirky ideas at you and lets you decide which to look at in depth may save a lot of browsing time. For people like me, it engenders frenzied uncontrollable mania. I cannot stop looking at all that stuff.

I need to use a browser (oh, comely browser!) so that my webbing is at a speed proportionate to my life.

Posted at 10:00 pm by Jim Woods

Sun shining, morale boosted,

whole garden erupting into weed-ridden magnificence. Every silver lining has a cloud. I'm one of those people who enjoys gardening, provided that I - and not nature - is setting the pace. I am blessed with a pretty and super-fertile garden, where everything flourished with a bit of sun. Lovely and relaxing to sit out in, and big enough for a small party. But very high maintenance, due to there being no lawn: brick terrace and flagstone path, ideal for weed incubation, and loads of flower bed for added weedy fun. I have now instituted a policy of stopping trying to identify weeds, and just pulling out things that I don't like the look of while leaving the things that I admire. And I want more flagstones so that I can reduce the area of flower bed and increase the area of sitting-by-the-pond-ness. This should make things a little less high maintenance.

Of course you must understand that I am writing about this here so that I don't have to actually do it in real life.

Emlyn Brown's off looking for the Waratah again; more interesting than weeding, I'll be bound, whatever he does or doesn't find.

And there's now Hermitage Amsterdam to look forward to. In a city with art museums to die for, a new one has to be worth checking out!

Posted at 6:14 pm by Jim Woods

Monday April 26 2004

Not many blogs

written by Saudis about living in Saudi, you realized as you awoke sweating in your interested-in-other-cultures-person's bed.

I know one, though. This here. And very interesting it is too.


Posted at 1:35 am by Jim Woods

Sunday April 25 2004

Bit lax

about blogging over the last few days. I was otherwise occupied doing some rather fun recording of jazz and sitting in the sun and sitting in the pub. All of which good, but not for the web. Tonight I also have social commitments. But I do offer you a site dedicated to tea and biscuits, and one all about teasmades. Because after the shenanigans of the weekend that's the sort of thing I'm interested in.

Posted at 4:22 pm by Jim Woods

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