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Thursday April 22 2004

I've been playing that there

Tomb Raider - the angel of darkness. Contrary to all the bad reviews it received when it came out last year, I really like it. I don't see what's so dreadful about the control system for a start. Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb has a control system so utterly, utterly beyond the pale that after playing it nothing seems too bad at all. It's so bad that I cannot even bring myself to describe it as I'll almost certainly go on for hours, and possibly even cause myself to explode. And I've things to do, so I can't be cleaning myself off the walls. Suffice it to say that it's dire, and that nailing one's genitalia to the bannisters and jumping would be a lot more fun.

Dear old Lara Croft's latest outing, however, has fantastic graphics and sound (though you'll need a pretty manly graphics card - my twenty quidder barely copes) and in general is a cool game. I've religiously played all the Tomb Raider series, as much for the visual spectacle as for the action. They've consistently managed to look more gorgeous than the competition. As I say, the much-maligned control system seems fine to me and I'd recommend the game as a good way to cheaply pass a few days. Or, if you're wealthy, to justify buying a graphics card of fearsome poke.

I got the Micra through its MOT yesterday, by buying a tyre from Wheatley Tyre - who could not be more friendly, reasonable and efficient. If you live in or near Oxford and you need tyres don't give the majors your custom, go to these guys. I know of no example of anyone ever going somewhere else after knowing about them. Support small businesses, or we'll wake up one day and find there are only the (often useless) big companies left and we all have to work for them...

My brakes, which were rather shot on the back wheels, were sorted by my friend Alastair who always good-naturedly rescues my vehicles from outer darkness. So the state carriage trundles again, my preciousss. Yesss.

In other news, Mozilla 1.7 RC1 is out.

Neal Stephenson (great author) has a nice long interview here. Very interesting guy.

And I must get this album because it sounds so interesting.

Posted at 1:47 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday April 20 2004

Tum te tum

Ah yes, time to stop Micra moping and get on with the blog. Today I shod the brute with a new tyre, and tomorrow my friend and I will hopefully fix a brake on one rear wheel. Then I shall return to the place of disgrace (MOT station) and hopefully be vindicated.

F*cking cars. As if I didn't have expenses enough at the moment.

What about The Medieval Europe Photo Gallery then? You don't need me to tell you what this is about, do you? It's a corker. Check out the Ireland: Ring of Skellig gallery. No hassles but the wind and the rain on them rocks. Monk time.

A nice article here on how URLs can be obscured, too. Techie but good, concentrated info.

I have to go study a mixing desk manual some more now, for a forthcoming jazz recording project. Frightener.

Posted at 8:48 pm by Jim Woods

Monday April 19 2004

A few bits and bobs for you, musical ones at that

First up, here's a really useful source of all kinds of musical electronics. Fixing stuff or building stuff, this is the place to start looking for the schematics. This source is going to serve me well when I finally get around to putting together my killer guitar pedal board.

And next, because I remorselessly champion eccentricity every time I remember to, is a link to the page of a man who - amongst other things - reprograms old dot-matrix printers to play tunes. Do look around the site; he has other peccadillos too. I couldn't make this stuff up...

And finally, the piece de resistance is the Spiers and Boden site. These guys are winning folk awards at a rate that would lead me to say "leave some for the rest of us". Would, if I were not in fact a stinky rocker. But this evening I begin the process of consulting on their live sound, which I'm really looking forward to. Always a pleasure to work with good musicians.

Right. I guess there are arguments for going to bed.

Posted at 3:42 am by Jim Woods

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