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Saturday April 17 2004

Frog joy!

On returning home last night from my refreshment I found a small but fully-functioning frog on night ops on my doorstep. Clearly then, not all of my amphibian population have legged it. Excellent news. I hope I still have a breeding pair at least. I haven't heard any of the usual mating sounds since the gardening frenzy, but maybe that's because there aren't enough of 'em to make enough racket to be heard through the windows at night. It's not yet consistently warm enough for me to be sleeping with windows ajar. I'm keeping a keen eye out for spawn in the pond too. None as yet, but plenty of algal bloom. Time to get serious with the green water treatment.

Posted at 12:51 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday April 15 2004

Rage caused by

1. Persistent impersonation of snot-creature from the planet phlegm, caused by some nasty modern virus or other.

2. Slowness of Pipex news servers, and continuing deluge of spam.

3. Tide of crap threatening to engulf tiny house.

4. Desertion of frog population, probably caused by large scale garden clearing implemented after years of cheerful neglect.

If you live in the Oxford area and for some reason want to read all the local bad news instead of just mine, this is a handy site.

Posted at 9:22 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday April 14 2004

Continuing this week's

theme of strange vehicular activities - and I promise to change the subject soon - how about entering the Plymouth-Dakar Challenge?

Salient points: no support from motoring organizations or medical insurance or, in short, any taking of sensible precautions. Vehicle budget £100 tops, and no more than £15 spent on preparation. Amazing. A form of motor sport even musicians can aspire to affording!

Posted at 6:07 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday April 13 2004

Those Tatra cars

have really got under my skin. The older 603s in particular look like the sort of thing we were all led to believe was the future in the fifties - well, those of us alive at the time, obviously. I wasn't, but you know what I mean. I hope. All streamlining and sensuous (or do I mean sensual?) curves. Basically, rather neater than most of what actually appeared here in the UK at least. I mean, Tatra or Cortina?

So I kept on looking around the web for more Tatra stuff, and found the Tatra Register UK. This site has an amazing amount of useful stuff and loads of pictures and links. An absolute must as a starting point for any serious Tatrologer. There are some Tatras on the Alternative Autos site too, as well as a wealth of lethal three wheelers and plenty of other Eastern European cars.

There's nothing like being skint and having to get one's Nissan Micra MOT'd to turn one's mind to travel and exotic cars...

Posted at 10:10 pm by Jim Woods

Monday April 12 2004

This is your

early morning fascist wake-up call. Go here! Look at the enormous and strange Tatra cars! Dribble! Better still, buy one. Buy the T700GT, because it is very large indeed. You can reach the dealer in 814 miles from Calais, according to AutoRoute, and let's face it - you really should.

Remember I linked to a guy who'd built a very powerful Apple computer into his Tatra a while back? More or less the same car. Wow. But you need the GT, chiefly because of the bucket seats. I dare you. Me, I'm skint.

Posted at 5:34 am by Jim Woods

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