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Saturday March 27 2004


The L5 society, which was dedicated to promoting space colonies from 1975 to 1987, certainly produced some neat pictures of these putative dwellings. Interesting though it is to peruse these Arthur C. Clarke type behemoths I can't imagine why anyone would actually aspire to living in one. It would have made rather more sense to put the effort into taking a bit more care of the Earth really, but that's never a very effective course of action either. So enjoy the pictures, as we spin towards doom. At least no-one's actually compelled to brave Indian traffic. There's frightening and frightening.

I think I've got a cold coming on.

Boat race tomorrow. I wonder if it'll be as exciting as last year's?


Posted at 8:22 pm by Jim Woods

Friday March 26 2004

40 things every drunkard should do etc

Modern Drunkard Magazine. A joy.

Posted at 8:00 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday March 25 2004

While searching for stuff

on the wrecks of large German Second World War battleships - because let's face it, it's a Thursday morning and just what you need - I came across this site. It's a good one.

I also read a few more blogs I came across. I know I said I didn't, but what's a boy to do in periods of impecunity and not sleeping a great deal? Shoot me. If you think I'm proving my guilt by posting links to them here, though, you have the proverbial additional think coming. Ha.

I am also attempting to figure out the relationship of one note to another on my guitar. This whole music theory thing is about as difficult a thing as I've ever attempted to fathom. I just don't have that kind of brain. But I think progress is coming, albeit slowly. All I have to do is stay awake...

Posted at 10:38 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday March 24 2004


Then you can download 273 meg of Windows XP Service Pack 2 beta here. It's much more secure, apparently. Of course, by the time you've finished downloading this behemoth there'll be a newer version - but c'est la vie! Myself, I'll wait for the final version I think.

Posted at 7:13 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday March 23 2004

Mozilla 1.7 beta out

Okay, so I use Firefox for my Gecko-based browser. But I still like the idea of the new Mozilla feature to leave the right button context menus operational at all times. Sounds like another good user-oriented feature in an era where the site designer is not necessarily your friend. I mean, isn't that what we all want out of a geeky piece of software? The ability to do what you want to various kinds of data all the time. As opposed, I imagine, from the school of interface design that restricts options to what is relevant to the majority of users - wizards and the like. Both are good, but the main reason (apart from the separate issue of security of course) for forsaking Internet Explorer for something else is always going to be the gaining of an increased feature set. This is all good, and Mozilla or one of its relatives is the practical method of doing so. So roll on context menu enablement all the time. Mozilla in any case goes from strength to strength, and to use the web to any considerable extent without trying out superior free browsers to IE is just a bit silly really.

I'm on about browsers again. I knew it would happen.

Posted at 12:49 pm by Jim Woods

Monday March 22 2004

Spam, not

There's an article here about how a guy has managed to conquer spam. As someone has already commented, the lengths to which he has gone arguably make deleting the stuff seem like a soft option but it does make interesting reading. Lots of techie stuff on setting up mailers and so forth. Worthwhile reading if you are heavily reliant on email, I'd say. My own response to the scourge has been to pretty much stop using email as a primary means of communication. And actually you'd be surprised how little inconvenience this causes me. SMS on the mobile phone is the new email really, isn't it? Granted it's not free, but it's not expensive either. At least I don't get 100-odd junk SMSs every day.

Posted at 10:42 pm by Jim Woods

Busy weekend

so no blog entries. A thousand pardons, effendi. In fact I foresee having less time this coming week to write here too. What can I say? Sometimes are Earl Grey and 'puter times (cheers off), and some times are world-bollocks-f*ck-off-I-don't-want-any-of-this times. Last week was of the latter stripe.

In partial compensation may I offer you the site of a man who seems to have done more diving (much on wrecks) than anyone else in the world, and an article that draws comparisons between hot-rodding and overclocking computers. Lovely.

Posted at 3:26 am by Jim Woods

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