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Saturday March 13 2004

And this is a peach

Stately music plays as you go trundling to your doom. There seems to be an endless variety of such creatures on the sub-continent. It is as well when aboard this sort of vehicle to avoid skirmishes with anything with the kind of muscle of an Ambassador or a Contessa. Really.

Stay tuned in case I find more marvellous conveyances from India.

Posted at 7:28 pm by Jim Woods

More Indian cars

Oh wow. In the course of fuelling my Ambassador-gloat I stumbled across Hari's Motor World. This has to be the site for Indian car information. There are some real shockers here, and some nice stuff. Most importantly, there's a lot of stuff. Stuff that you should see.

Posted at 6:52 pm by Jim Woods

Indian cars

Seems that India is moving away from the majestic Hindustan Ambassador in favour of Maruti Suzukis. Although there are no doubt many advantages to the latter, I can't help preferring the Ambassador as it has progressed from state-of-the-art through superannuated to super-cool over the 55 years it's been in production. Take a look at it - it's an undeniable beast. There used to be a company importing these to Britain (with the Isuzu engine), and I always wanted one but didn't quite have the loot. One day, maybe.

Posted at 6:01 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday March 11 2004

Charlie Rose interviews Bill

A good Bill Gates interview on this 'ere site. Sadly you'll need the leprous Real One player, but the day when we can all say goodbye to that is not yet here.

Posted at 7:24 pm by Jim Woods

Pipex news server

Why oh why is this still so incredibly slow? It's being going on for months. The rest of the service is great, and the price is right. But the news server is a hound.

Bad, wicked, naughty.

Posted at 4:45 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday March 10 2004

Spalding Gray

has been confirmed dead. I spoke of his disappearance a while back. If you appreciate a good monologue and you can find any of his films, I highly recommend them. RIP.

Posted at 7:17 pm by Jim Woods

We all like an interesting article, right?

And what a good thing that is, as most of my posting here at the moment begins "an interesting article". No-one can say that they're misled at least. So I've found another interesting article for you lucky lot. It's about the advantages of the command line as a user interface, particularly for the novice computer user. And I agree with the writer. Presenting loads of graphical options to the user is not necessarily a good thing, and I have a particular loathing for the inconsistency of the user interface in Windows. But I'm not getting drawn into a rant here and now because I have errands to run...

Also, here for geeks is "What's in Your Gadget Bag, Cory?". Superb - carry a massive amount of electrical stuff around with you. Me, I'd break it or lose it or just never use it, but what the hell. What's in your gadget bag, Jim? Indigestion pills, guitar plectra and a phone I'm too deaf to hear. Oh yes, and keys and wallet. Are they gadgets? Well, they're a lot more use to me than a laptop. Er - hanky? Vital, if low-tech. And I've just remembered - an amazing watch gadget, which keeps near-perfect time and tells you the day and date as well as the time. All on a little battery that lasts for years. Isn't progress wonderful?

Posted at 5:04 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday March 9 2004

Realms of the Imagination

will give you the lowdown on all sorts of MUSHes, where with Telnet and some imagination you can have gaming fun the old-fashioned way. I remember when we used to gather round the steam-driven computer and grandpa would type in the commands - remember, we had no mice in those days (awed hush). And so on. Seriously, this sort of stuff can be fun if you're willing to put in the effort. Oh yeah, and you have vast tracts of otherwise unfilled life to spend on it.

Of course you could just read all about the tragic demise of Marco Pantani instead. He was a great character who certainly livened up the Tour de France when I watched it in 1998. In fact he was part of the reason I began to religiously watch it every year and still do.

Posted at 1:16 am by Jim Woods

Monday March 8 2004

A nice up-to-date list

of the free channels on Sky Digital here. Should you sneer at such things, do remember what a rare commodity accurate lists of this kind are...

Right, I'm going to tune in to some CRo 2 from Prague.

Posted at 4:13 am by Jim Woods

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