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Saturday March 6 2004

Russian Tea

Here's a FAQ on how to make proper Russian tea. It is lengthy, and it is an interesting read - at least to a hot caffeinated beverage fetishist like myself. I particularly like the part on how to hack up a samovar to work overseas. Anything that combines home-brew electronics with home-brew beverages is okay by me. For those who don't have the patience or inclination to read the whole document, the basic principle - the same for all tea making by the way - is to use fresh water and make sure it is at boiling point when it hits the leaves. Rock and roll.

Posted at 3:00 pm by Jim Woods


While rooting disconsolately around on Uru Obsession it came to my attention that there is now a Myst Obsession site for discussion and news concerning the first three games of the series. I only wish it were easier to get the things to actually run under Windows XP. But it ain't. Still, that's the thing with old games. I am bitterly disappointed that Uru Live got the chop, and have now not even bothered to buy the game. I may as well wait until it's a tenner. It was the online part of the whole thing that chiefly appealed to me. Still, them's the breaks.

Oh look - I've turned the entry into a whinge. Right, just to end on a positive note I should say that with most games I wouldn't be in the position of getting so steamed up or of even trying to run them again. Myst and its successors are so gorgeous though that they're worth the effort. So there.

Posted at 2:46 pm by Jim Woods

Friday March 5 2004

An amusing

anti-Real Player rant here. Little I can add to this seasoned ranting apart from wholehearted agreement with the author of the piece. The biggest laugh? The paid for version of Real Player is charged as a monthly subscription. Unbelievable. What idiot is going to pay for a media player (and a crap one at that) at all? I mean, the world's full of free players that do the job well already.

Please, please content providers - don't use the worst possible format for your users.

Posted at 7:20 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday March 4 2004

Tempo Doeloe

comes very highly recommended. It's an Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam, a city not short of such places, and rated amongst the best. I like the look of all the scary hot things, but then I'm a head-banger like that. Judging from my extensive experience of Dutch food - and it's fairly extensive - things tend to be mild over there. Many times I've ordered ethnic stuff by just going for the hottest thing on the menu, and still failed to get the old endorphins whizzing round. I mean, if your main squeeze in an Indian restaurant in Britain is a Mirch Masala for example - a hot sauced curry with maybe ten whole green chillies thrown in to ginger it up - then it's easier to be disappointed in a country where things tend toward the bland. It's not that Indonesians are the offenders here of course, just that they have to cater to local taste.

Anyway, next time I'm over in Amsterdam I'll be checking this one out with the hope that it puts fire in the belly.


Posted at 6:50 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday March 3 2004

How blogs are ruining my life

An interesting article... Many good points. Remember to have an off-line life, people. It's only a computer.

Posted at 7:54 pm by Jim Woods

Two things are a worry to me:

The first is that I will never understand how to implement the comments and the categories facilities that exist in Blog, "the software I use to publish this site". I imagine you know that by now. I don't like programming languages, or even layout languages like HTML. I like writing in plain English and spewing it effortlessly onto the web. So no holding your breath, anyone, for expanded facilities. I have no immediate plans for further site enhancement.

A few more of my how-to articles dusted down and put online wouldn't hurt though. And that I am, inefficiently, trying to work on.

The second thing that bothers me is whether or not this really is Tom Baker. It's very funny at any rate.

Posted at 1:24 pm by Jim Woods

A site dedicated to running dire old cars?

Indeedy. Bangernomics. There is even a book available. This is a good resource for the hard of spending, to which club I am frequently elected, and very entertaining even if you aren't averse to spending money on cars. I used to spend money on cars, but now I'm not so sure. I mean, you can buy instruments and not have the ongoing running costs. Ditto beer. Still, there seems no way to reduce the Draconian insurance premiums these days. Hmm. My spellchecker told me to capitalize Draconian. I must get to the bottom of why sometime.

Sorry, rambling a bit. Fighting off a nasty cold.


Posted at 1:13 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday March 2 2004


Beast acquired. Beast good.

Posted at 3:35 am by Jim Woods

Sunday February 29 2004

Today's interesting bits and bobs

Which are minimally annotated due to pressures of time...

Baf's Guide is a friendly and explanatory guide to the archive of interactive fiction, or text adventuring. So if you don't feel that you get enough command line action you know where to go.

Here's an article that'll put you in the picture regarding interactive fiction.

Here's a comprehensive Nissan Micra site from Australia. Lots of interesting technical data and mods. I'm not sure I want to make my Micra go faster, as it already goes faster than my brain, but if I were to this is a valuable resource.

Here's the town of Narbonne, South-Western France, online. Lots and lots of useful information about this warm and laid-back place. The site is in French, so you've been warned.

Syndic8 is one of the best places to find RSS feeds. There are a ridiculous number of them. So if you've been playing about with any of the news syndication software I was talking about last week here's a lifetime's fodder for it!

Posted at 2:16 pm by Jim Woods

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