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We live in litigious times, so I should say that content reflects only my opinions!

Saturday February 21 2004

No restoration of the last month yet

because, well, you'd be surprised what a production this is to pull off. And I don't know that there was anything there which you can't all live without. At some point I'll sort it, but it may have to wait until the next version of Blog is released as the extensive cut-and-paste job which is involved will currently be hindered by a bug.

Anyway, there's a nice little William Gibson interview here. And I see that Mozilla have launched a specifically European site, which is excellent. I can't say that I'm especially anxious to spend any more time than I have to on anything North American these days. The level of, well - toss, frankly - over the pond seems to exponentially multiply every time I look. And we in Britain seem determined to slavishly adopt similar levels of celebrity-fixated, litigious, copyright-protected to the point of insanity terrorism-hysterical bollocks. So, narrowly averting a tremendous convulsive release of anti-American - or more accurately anti-American "culture" (one is reminded of Ghandi's view of Western civilization) bile, I pass on my way.

Posted at 10:42 am by Jim Woods

Thursday February 19 2004

You'll just have to bear with me

I have reasons for not posting here at the moment, which I'll explain in due course.

And I'm sorry that all posts since Jan 13th have gone AWOL. Distressed at some extremely bad family news, I lacked the sense to realize that it was a bad time to be doing computer maintenance and lost the data. I do have a means of retrieving it, but it'll be pretty time-consuming and right now I have a lot on my plate; again, sorry.

Normal service will hopefully be restored next week.

Posted at 2:38 am by Jim Woods

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