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Tuesday January 13 2004

Ahoy f*cker! It's ranty me, in the mood to riff!

I was just thinking that I'd say the same thing to you whether I knew you well or not at all, here or in the real world (bordered by the sacred triangle of Half Moon, Music Box and Tesco around here). And that has to be good, doesn't it? Making one's art a reflection of one's life. That's the trick. I feel there is worth here, and worth is good. Let's get worthy, then, shall we?

It's the middle of the night and I'm bored. I've just been sorting out some software for tomorrow's work, mentioned a day or two ago and not a fertile subject for discourse now. Maybe when the job's done there'll be some fun to be had ranting about it. I've just been sorting through a load of junk mail which I'd piles up in a corner. What arse it all is. Why do they waste their money? I am not typical in accordance with the kind of crap I get sent, and to be honest I don't know many people who are. Here's to a world without this crap, and no spam either. Imagine if people only bought really neat things and necessities. All the dreck would just slide away between the cracks, like shark guts when you're having rock and roll with your good knife having inadvertently caught the beast. So no more credit cards or further education for me, and yes OK - I bought my mum some solar lights from Robert Dyas, but not because of all the bloody pamphleteering they've visited on my gaff. Because I went to the shop and I scoped thoroughly and honey, I just know.

I watched some telly; this, for me, is a job. I like to have the Sky and I fawn over the TiVo when no-one's about, but there's so much of it all. And because I have the holy dish, hooked to the eternal receiver (over three years continuous running no worries, Mr Panasonic I love you) I could get more than enough telly without paying a sub at all. And arguable I wouldn't need a sub to TiVo either since the amount of listing data I'd have to contend with would be do-able online for free. It's a thought. Instead of paying for a load of content and then paying again to filter it down I could just get the good stuff as a subset for free. Because, ladies and gentlemen, apart from the National Geographic channel and the related documentary channels much of what I get is crap. And of what's not, a surprising amount could be freely received with the gear I paid for years ago. It's not that I don't like telly, it's just that I usually have better things to do. Think I'll go free-to-air. Thirty quid a month is not the end of the world, but it is £360 quid a year - which is a luxury trip to the continent to buy a pile of beer and other worldly delights. Looked at like that...

Mind you, I'll have to wait for the next series of the Osbournes; but that's about all. The docs are on the Beeb eventually. TV license - quel horreur, eh? £116 a year or something. Robbers.

Where was I?

Good lord, ranting about spam and telly equipment again. It's not that I think of little else, but just that that's what in my mind when I sit down to write here. I must develop new themes.

I'll just play the blues a bit on my trusty Westone. This is something I need to improve at.

<a full hour of axe frenzy passes>

Well, I feel better for that. Still at sea as regards much of the theory, but at least the hands are loosened up and the muscles fettled. Only one drawback - all rant energy now expended.

A bit like garden-clearing really, which I'm supposed to be doing a fair amount of any day now. Bit of fresh air, bit of exercise, bit of dosh. Cracking.

For some reason I've having trouble listening to music at the moment. I get to hear a fair amount of varied stuff live, but the old CD collection is sadly neglected. Makes me wonder why I just spent £800 on speakers really, but I guess those are the last speakers I'll buy for a long while yet. There's some glow involved with realising that whatever you might feasibly put through your speakers in the future they'll cope beautifully.

I wish I'd pissed of to Amsterdam a bit or something and lived with my old speakers. But then I think that pretty much every time I pass a fiscal eye over anything I own. Which I'm pleased to say is not a lot really apart from my bijou lair and my state Micra (chariot of the gods). Nothing is more depressing than spending money on consumer durables when you could be out having the craic.

Upgraded PC is running beautifully and powerfully, and will hopefully serve for the next four years or so. Central heating really needs an overhaul, mental note to extract digit and call engineer. Weather is bollocks, but prospects look fair so much tea drunk. Heap of paperwork is shifted. Beans eaten. Bath had. Shave executed with flair. Bag packed for work tomorrow. Must be time for bed.

Posted at 3:46 am by Jim Woods

Monday January 12 2004

Dear me - no wait, great joy

Well, here's the "dear me" part of the program, which is funny. Cams go!

The joy is that my counter has returned as mysteriously as it fled, although looking slightly different. Good. I hat digging around in scripts to see what has gone tits up, and was in fact just going to leave it a while and see what happened.

Posted at 8:13 pm by Jim Woods

Not only

is there a spiffy new title graphic on my blog, which I'm sure accurately reflects the minutes of loving care I put into the design, but clicking on it is a swift method of returning to the latest entries. Because you may have been rootling about in the archives soaking up the accumulated wisdom there. Really you might.

Whatever will they think of next??

I am clearly at the very start of my graphic-button-website-pushy-think-link-em-up-link-em-all-up editing career. The free tool I am using, should you fancy a look or even a play with it, is DeKnop (Dutch for "the button"). Using this is not quite the same as spending time in Amsterdam, but hey - every little thing helps.

And I see that while I haven't been paying attention Pimmy has had a majorish update. It's a nice little free email package which copes well with multiple accounts, and I've mentioned here before. I don't use it any more, but I'm not entirely happy with the situation at the moment and am definitely considering a change.

Posted at 5:50 am by Jim Woods

Handy little

article here from The Guardian about how not to financially completely screw up one's eventual escape to France.

You are going to escape to France eventually aren't you? I mean, it's going to be a bit quiet here.

Posted at 5:17 am by Jim Woods

Old Scrote's Real Food Cookbook

Fertile, fertile stuff. I'm a scrote, I'm old and by the heavens I want real food. So I was very pleased to find this site. There are some Indian recipes here too, and some other Middle and Far-Eastern stuff. All looks good to me insofar as I'm any judge. Well worth a go.

Posted at 2:18 am by Jim Woods


I have a job to do this week. I have to migrate a couple of very naive users off two frankly scary old PCs and on to new ones, with all their files and work. It's an OK job as they go, since much of it - and a modestly lucrative rate of pay - is just going hardware shopping with the individuals. But what's really, really the kicker with this kind of job is this: in both cases I'll have to extract all sorts of data from the old drives, and woe betide the new computers aren't set up with every document and preference just like the old ones. Given that one old box is, I seem to remember, on Windows 3.1 and the other probably - but not definitely - 95, you can imagine. I foresee much training, as I don't imagine they'll get anything that's not running XP Home. Did I mention they want to get the hardware from PC World?

Neither old PC has a CD burner. I'll have to move everything across on floppies, probably using spanning ZIPs. I must remember to practice this a bit on an old DOS boot floppy. I never thought I'd see the day when I had to go back to that sort of utility software. After all, any PC bought inside nine years ago would probably have 95 on it, and what lives much longer than that? These two old clunkers is what, although with a few new drives here and there over the years. I'll take along my old CD burner on the off chance that I can put it in and just burn everything off onto a CD. But I'm not holding out too much hope. Null modem cable would be another possibility, or even uploading from the old PCs to my web space and then retrieving the data onto the new ones.

It'll be thrills OK.

Posted at 1:16 am by Jim Woods

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