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Friday December 26 2003

Bastard cold

and yet strangely fascinating. That's Antarctica. I don't know why I'm so interested in it, but I am. There's loads of good stuff on the internet about it if you share my enthusiasm - try here, here (a blog), here (un blog encore), here, here and here for a start.

If you want to do all sorts of neat mods to almost any games console you can think of, which hobby will keep you rather warmer, then I found a great resource at Games Station X.

My Christmas was nice, thanks. I hope yours was too. I received a fair few gifts, 95% cool and the rest tolerable, and my sister did the business with the catering. No one in the family kicked off, not that I mind a little seasonal aggro, so all quiet on the Western Front. Back to regular life now...

Posted at 7:36 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday December 25 2003

So I guess it's a

Merry Christmas everybody. Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. Women, even. Peace on Earth and goodwill to all! Whoever you are, and however you find yourself fixed today, have a good one. And try to keep that momentum.

Right, I've got to get some kip and then set about a goose. Rock and roll.

Posted at 5:28 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday December 24 2003

Ooh! Ooh!

I spoke too soon. I did find something of interest over the last few days. At least it interested me, since I live on the doorstep of the Cotswolds. I found the Cotswold HyperGuide, which "contains entertaining guides to twenty towns and villages in the Cotswolds, along with dozens of colour photographs, and directory listings for hundreds of hotels, popular sightseeing destinations and leisure pursuits". I can't help thinking that I may have come across this before - it dates from 1995 - but whatever; it's still a useful resource. If you're planning a trip to the Cotswolds you could benefit from a squint at this one.

I know, could have been weirder / more exciting. I'll get weirder after Christmas, honest. Play with yer coloured lights, assuming Ashby hasn't filched them.

Posted at 9:20 pm by Jim Woods

Christmas Eve

Well, nearly there. Presents wrapped, TiVo instructed and plenty of milk bought. Digestive system in open rebellion, but I think that's a Guinness-related problem rather than any festive food. Actually, there has so far been no festive food, so it must be the Yule lash. Mental note: eat some satsumas. Oh, it appears that Blog's spellchecker does not know about satsumas and can only offer "sadisms" as a suggestion. With acid indigestion like I get this is not entirely irrelevant.

My busyness over the last week or so has kept me from posting all that much here. It's likely that that will also be the case over the next few days, but no doubt I'll have more time to poke about on the web after Boxing Day. You'll have to content yourselves with turkey or something instead...


Posted at 7:56 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday December 23 2003

Link lust

Can't get enough interesting links to fill those long winter evenings? Don't whinge to me about it then - I'm out tending to my simply enormous life, darling.

But if I wasn't, and if you're not, then a visit here would be the answer.

Posted at 6:13 am by Jim Woods

Monday December 22 2003

More over-the-top Christmas illuminations

Over at planetchristmas.com you'll find the most extreme festive weapon I've yet found. More coloured lights than a coloured light superstore. What an array!

I have one string, but they are shaped like chillies, which adds some novelty value to proceedings...

Oh yes, and I've just noticed that some of the lights in my house dim momentarily when I fire up my home cinema rig, so there's a tiny victory for excess in Oxford.

Posted at 7:36 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday December 21 2003

Christmas lights

I think I linked to this guy last year, but in any case it's always worth it. He has a staggering display of Christmas lights, and some pictures of the last few efforts. Even better, he combines the exquisite pleasure of a mass of illuminations with - reverent pause - a webcam you can control to look at them. And there's a load of geek detail about how the whole thing is done. It's a real treasure, this one.

Posted at 6:25 pm by Jim Woods

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