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Saturday September 27 2003

Mozilla RC-2
is out. Which means that Firebird 0.7 is getting closer. Which is exciting, if you care about such things.
Posted at 3:00 pm by Jim Woods

Friday September 26 2003

Yer loot

Track the living daylights out of your gelt with a personal finance package; it won't necessarily make you richer, but it'll tell you why you're poor...

I have extensive experience of three as my finances are of savage, yowling, dustbin-goring complexity, I'm afraid. But that's as it is. For most of the time I use Microsoft Money 2000. Yes, I know it's one of Bill's babies, and I know you have to pay for it. But it's a miserable thirty quid, and in fact it's an extremely good bit of software. I've run every penny through it for nearly ten years - yes I know, obviously I started out with the first version and periodically bought newer ones as and when. I do recommend this one, and it's pretty seldom I'll recommend any commercial software. It does it all.

If you want a cheaper alternative ($20, free trial), try the full-featured but a little less visually appealing AceMoney from MechCad. The nice guys who wrote it gave me a free licence for my efforts in tracking down a few import problems, so they're sound. This package is being developed aggressively, and it's a serious rival to Money with more and more features being added. It even tracks budgets and investments. It's possible that if it had been on the market when my affairs started to get complex in the nineties I might have used this as my primary package.

Finally, a good little free program called Personal Checkbook Register has appeared on my super-sensitive net-sniffing radar. This one's real simple: it simply keeps track of one bank account, and there's a 1000 transaction limit. It couldn't really be more simple, but then again nor could many people's finances so this is a real contender if your needs are modest. I rather like this sort of simple program actually; my only tiny niggle is that it uses the $ sign and won't use anything else. There again, you may be American, and as the program only deals with one currency there's little chance of confusion. I suppose you could even run multiple instances of this little thing for multiple accounts, but I can't say that I've tried.

If anyone knows a good cheap broker by the way, I've just fired mine so I'm looking.

Posted at 2:27 am by Jim Woods

Thursday September 25 2003

Oh what a nice time

I'm having sat around at home recovering from a nasty cold, playing Gabriel Knight 3 and eating well. This is the life...

Not a lot of blogging going on I'm afraid. But all things come to those who wait.

Posted at 1:09 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday September 23 2003

Another nice blog

for you to take a look at if you like such things: Infrequent Itinerant | at the edge of civilisation.

I've got a few old Apple Macs around the house these days; all I need is something to use them for. Anyone know how easy it is to nail USB onto a Power Mac 7500/100?

Posted at 8:50 am by Jim Woods

Today I is mostly

marvelling at how good the Legendary Boogiemen's site is looking. I know these guys and have played with them all at some stage or another. Good fun band to see if you're local.

I am also still suffering from general tiredness brought on by having too much to do, and a nasty cold which I get twice a year these days and which always follows the same pattern. Which means I need to evolve a strategy for knocking it out before it takes root (memo to self).

I've been SSHing to works.org (give it a go) where one can play about on a gloriously retro Waffle BBS.

And I'm going to put on my sunglasses and go shopping. Several mid-period Miles Davis CDs, a new winter coat/jacket, one of those watches that works on light, some groceries, some more high-capacity NiMH camera batteries and maybe a little music gear are all on the list. I didn't go for the five-string bass yesterday because I was too ill to think clearly about it. But it's nice to be shopping. I don't often do it. So I love it when I do.

Posted at 8:18 am by Jim Woods

Monday September 22 2003


I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but if I have (and yes, that's right, I'd know for sure if I could be bothered to search the site wouldn't I? But it's my site, so who's going to tell me that? :> ) it's well worth mentioning again.

The Wikipedia is an open, free encyclopedia; this means that not only can anyone make an entry in it, anyone can edit an existing entry. So quite apart from being a very cool idea, it represents an opportunity to get published. Go write!

Posted at 3:17 am by Jim Woods

Mixed bag

I've got a filthy cold - b*stard. Still, I guess it means I get to stay at home and listen to my jazz records, so every cloud etc.

I'm just about to get my first 5-string bass, so if you feel your house rocking under your feet you'll know it's not the traffic...

I found this interesting thing on the web: The Oxford Internet Institute. Seems like something worthy of further scrutiny.

That's all for now. I'm sweating out bugs and spluttering like an East German motorcycle.

Posted at 1:41 am by Jim Woods

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