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Saturday August 30 2003

Old versions

There's a great site here. Old versions of common, and some not so common, software packages. Because sometimes updates improve matters and fix problems, and sometimes things just get worse and worse. Defeat software companies in their aim to make sure you have the latest version of everything, and run old stuff. Or don't. Really, it's OK.

Posted at 12:56 pm by Jim Woods

Remote Islands

Remote islands are good. They're remote, they have good sea air - what more do you want? Well, telephony and internet access for one thing. There's an interesting Acrobat document here telling how they manage this in French Polynesia, where the distances between islands are huge.

If, inconceivably, you have managed to get to this point in your life without installing Acrobat on your computer, now would be a good time. I use version 4, because if I remember correctly I installed the latest version to find that it had "a load of crap" (registered trademark) bolted onto it that in no real way improved functionality.

Posted at 12:48 pm by Jim Woods


Many good and interesting articles on singer/songwriter Janis Ian's site here.

Posted at 12:09 pm by Jim Woods

Friday August 29 2003

What on earth am I doing?

Or what am I doing on earth?

An infrequent (this is the first one, and don't be holding your breath now) look at the ways I'm spending my time. I'm writing this largely so that I can remind myself of my priorities from remote locations. Also to focus my thoughts. So...

spend time with friends in Spain near Barcelona for jolly good fun

complete pre-winter maintenance on house and garden - much of my plumbing is humorous

ride my disgraceful bicycle more, particularly by the river

get some photography in

visit fine cat collection, sadly transplanted to live with ex-wife and claimant of title

acquire decent guitar(s) as much music is in progress (memo to self: next time, do not sell and drink proceeds in fit of rage)

complete construction of rather neat hi-fi, chiefly by buying toys

travel to West Country for the craic

organize absurd amount of data on interesting topics which I've accumulated on my pc - like 60 gigs of it

return to Amsterdam and Bruges at earliest opportunity

consider acquisition of Dodge "now that's just wrong" Ram pickup truck without tedious necessity to drop 20 grand on it

I think that's much of it.

Posted at 5:28 am by Jim Woods


Aha, what have we here? A male called Jim with a weblog whose title contains the word "inchoate"! What are the odds? Well, better than I'd thought presumably. He's only been at it for a couple of months though, by the look of it, so my honour is safe on that score.

Bad orb, whirling globe.

Posted at 5:23 am by Jim Woods

Thursday August 28 2003

Free directory enquiries

My old mate Elliott has sent a useful link. Now that directory enquiry services in the UK are diverse, confusing and expensive you can use this website to perform the same function for free. We like free.

I reward Elliott by assiduously plugging his site here. He's a great photographer, specialising in people, and has been very widely published. Not your average chancer. His site is here.

Posted at 6:36 pm by Jim Woods

Hear ye, hear ye

The man Joel Dirnberger's site contains considerable petrolhead pr0n. I want badly the Snow Cruiser. I have an application in mind so fearful that I daren't utter it. View the machine, and see what you think.

Posted at 6:45 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday August 27 2003


If you need a graphical telnet program - there's a simple text-mode one with all versions of Windows - then try FileZilla. It's a freebie, and you can even download the source code. It works well, and the rather cluttered initial interface settings can be easily enough modified to give a cleaner look. Recommended.

Posted at 3:58 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday August 26 2003


The sighted amongst you will see that I'm playing about with the site cosmetics again in my amateurish way. I defend the inchoate appearance of the inchoate blog by saying that I put most of my time into finding content and living my busy life, so if you're hoping for something really pretty then don't hold your breath. On the other hand, I may find a bit of CSS code that does the trick, and if I do I'll use it - at least for a while.

Posted at 12:31 am by Jim Woods


As a keen supporter of the alternative, not to mention a mostly passive aficionado of the traditional sport of sticking it to the man, I'd heard of Christiania before. I didn't know too much about it though, other than that it's a social experiment, an enormous squat and a damned good place for a toot (in no particular order). Have a look at the official, if I can use the term, website and you'll see what I mean.

Good luck to 'em!

Posted at 12:15 am by Jim Woods

Monday August 25 2003


Put that down, soldier! Where was I? Stickies! What a nice little freeware sticky notes package. Festoon your screen with small yellow reminders of things to do, like "turn off the computer and get a life".

Only kidding. No stabbing at the off button here anytime soon.

Despite having sh*tloads to do...

Posted at 4:24 am by Jim Woods


A nice article from HotWired (fount of much that kicks) on riding freight trains around in a very pleasingly hobo fashion.

Posted at 4:21 am by Jim Woods

D'ni Jazz Club

Loads more Uru screenshots, info and discussion at the D'ni Jazz Club. No idea what Uru is? Then I doubt you'll care.

Posted at 4:03 am by Jim Woods

BBC turns up trumps

Greg Dyke, or "the boss" as he's known at the BBC, has announced that there are plans to make the entire archive of BBC television and radio available to the public via the 'net. For free. Which is a really rather thrilling piece of news in my opinion. There'll be some great stuff in there, and we'll all get to watch it. I'm reaching for the specs on upping my broadband to 2 mb/sec as I speak.

Okay, so I have satellite and TiVo and, frankly, pretty much any toy that relates to home entertainment. And I don't watch much tv. But that's not really the point. People are often saying things like "why have all those channels when most of it's crap?" to me, but that's rather a silly view when you think about it. I have all these means of accessing information and media so that they're there should I need them. If the point of the tv is to defeat times of boredom, then having enough choice to guarantee something decent is only sensible. So I'll be welcoming - and indeed implementing - any advances in the amount of crap I can receive, since then when I filter it down to the good stuff the law of averages will guarantee more of the good stuff.

I reserve the right to go on about this a whole lot more if I get bored :~)

Posted at 12:31 am by Jim Woods

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