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Saturday August 23 2003

Haystack memory tiger

Well, I'm loving playing around with Haystack. The whole idea of it appeals. I can have all the mass of textual information I've built up over the years on my hard drive indexed and available all the time. I can have the news and various other sites I monitor running on RSS feeds. I can surf the web and do basic image manipulation and all sorts of other things from within one application.

I can access anything at any time in any context, and do anything to it. Pretty much literally. It's the ultimate integrated package - although it's far from finished yet. The only disadvantage, and I keep saying this I know, is that it runs really slowly in 256 meg of ram; well, it's supposed to need 512 meg, with 768 meg recommended, so that's no surprise. However I suspect most people are running 256 meg, if that, so there's a little snag there. It'll be those with up-to-date hardware who will really get the most out of the software. My hardware is anything but up-to-date, but I may well build a new system just in order to run Haystack on it. It's that cool. Really.

Posted at 10:09 pm by Jim Woods

Friday August 22 2003

Trouser-exploding Haystack joy

I seem to remember commenting on Haystack here a few months ago. It's a unified manager of everything on your computer, an information tiger. It so unifies stuff into projects that I cannot really (be arsed to) explain quite all of the things it does. It also requires 512 meg of ram at least to run. To my great delight, however, the latest (still very early) release seems happy to at least let me play with it on my 256 meg eunuch deluxe. So I can now say "wow, what a neat bit of software". I'm tracking this one very carefully, as I feel that the future may lie with it - and perhaps its little friends and relatives.

Have a play, if you can stomach the 50 meg download as well as getting the equally huge Java JDK required. Dialup medievalists, I'm sorry - this one's a little big for you unless you have uncommon patience.

Very, very cool.

Posted at 2:23 am by Jim Woods

Mad expensive Japanese watches

Just been to a good party, and I come home and find these excellent watches on the web. Delighted.

Posted at 12:29 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday August 20 2003

This one's an advanced sport and technical diving site, and bubbling good it is.
Posted at 3:45 am by Jim Woods

New MyIE2

There's a new version of MyIE2 out - see the permanent link in the column to the right of here. You know the drill... I like it.

Posted at 3:44 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday August 19 2003

XP running like arthritic sloth

At some point about a month ago I noticed to my anti-delight that my XP Pro setup was getting really sluggish, particularly with regard to the general operation of Explorer and the Start Menu. I assumed that an update had broken something - there was indeed a security fix a while back which MS themselves admitted hammered performance.

Now, in addition to being a scrupulous updater (you really, really have to in the hostile net environment of today) I am a proud and slobbering f*ckwit when it comes to playing about with settings and options. Get in there and play about arbitrarily, see what happens. Come in drunk and reconfigure it all. Yes yes, you know you love it. My view is that's pretty much the way my fellow non-geeky man behaves, so when I do support for people it helps to have an insight into what they may have done. Also, my deep loathing for computers if anything exceeds my unfocussed rage at the rest of creation. It's good to punish the machine for not being god. It's much less dangerous than attempting to punish god, who - word is - is tasty.

Where was I? Oh yes - turn off Fast User Switching! Everything is lovely then. In fact, turn the whole computer off and play your SG instead.

Posted at 1:44 am by Jim Woods

Monday August 18 2003


In 1864, during the American civil war, the Confederate Horace L. Hunley was the first submarine ever to sink a ship in battle - the Union Housatonic in Charleston harbour. She was recently (2000) recovered from where she sank after disappearing on the return journey. I've followed the fascinating process of her recovery via various websites (i.e. that of NUMA, the discoverers) and TV documentaries. The official site has a "fun" simulator, enabling one to crank around in circles for ages without hide nor hair of the target and sink to your death at will. Possibly there are other outcomes. I am no submariner, and the technology is (and was) somewhat crude. Have a go and prove it can be done!

Posted at 1:44 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday August 17 2003

Star Wars porn

Have a look at the Scout Walker Kama Sutra; the pics are funny, the text even funnier. Oh to have that much time on one's hands...

Posted at 2:10 pm by Jim Woods

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