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Saturday August 9 2003


Ah, the mystery of R-le-C... Much happy bogling in this one. This site is a must to clear up any confusion over what we're actually talking about, in case anyone's not heard the tale before. And so I'll proceed on the assumption that we're all now au fait with the basic plot. There's a lot of guff talked about all sorts of aspects of the mystery, but you cannot escape the fact that a lot of money is involved somewhere along the line. I like a lot of money. I like it even more than I like a bit of money. I could drink it, I could spend it on a Lexus. If there's a lot of money going, I want it. If it has to do with a historical mystery I want to know the answers. Then I want a lot of money. For beer and Lexi. I may have mentioned that before.

This gent seems to have produced the biggest step forward in solving the mystery yet. If he's found what he claims to have found, then who knows what new light may soon be shed on the old mystery? He is writing, or has written, a book about his discovery (call me fussy, but a book by a fellow who talks of "excessable" places, or who consistently mis-spells the focal character of the whole story as "Beranger" rather then "Berenger", strikes me as an unlikely author of a credible tome). I may be being harsh though.

Mind you, I've omitted all the accents on various French words in this entry, so I'll pass on from points of grammatical detail...

If, as I say, there is some substance to the findings all bogle-hunters will want to take a look. Go to it...

Posted at 6:23 am by Jim Woods

Friday August 8 2003

The Jerusalem Archaeological Park is a neat place to go if you're interested at all in, well - guess what. It's a fairly high-bandwidth site, but it uses some of that bulk to kick off with some nice music. So that's ok. Don't miss the 360-degree virtual reconstruction panoramas.
Posted at 6:05 am by Jim Woods

Amsterdam restaurants
Here's an informal little guide to a few restaurants in the 'Dam. Given the generally high cost of eating out there, and the plethora of places to choose from, this is valuable stuff. I include this because it lists Da Gigi in Hartenstraat. I ate there twice last week, and can confirm that it's a great value little place with excellent food. The stairs down to the basement toilets, however, are lethal even by Dutch standards. We're talking ladder really. But if you find yourself hunting pizza, this is the place to go.
Posted at 2:49 am by Jim Woods

VW :(

I've never fancied paying over the odds for a pretty ordinary car. Now there's even less reason to.

Posted at 1:49 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday August 6 2003

Tony Sleep Photography

A lot of really interesting photographs on this guy's site.

Posted at 6:07 am by Jim Woods

MyIE2 guide

As a reasonably heavy user of the MyIE2 browser shell, for which see the permanent link in the column to the right of this, I was pleased to find this online guide written for the love of it. There's some handy stuff here, although the online docs on the MyIE2 official site are now shaping up a bit too after a long period of non-existence.

Posted at 5:00 am by Jim Woods

Some more naval history, because we love it so
"PRINZ EUGEN, Ships, Weapons and Men of the Kriegsmarine". I am proceeding on the assumption that no-one needs an explanation of what this site contains :)
Posted at 4:42 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday August 5 2003


Well, much as I like to find fault with things, I can't fault the weather... It's really, really hot. Be nice to have a little more actual sun instead of this oppressive overcast, but you can't have everything. It's like living in Bermuda again.

Makes me want to go into the soliloquy from the very start of "Sexy Beast".

Posted at 6:08 pm by Jim Woods

Monday August 4 2003

Russian watches

During my stay in Amsterdam last week, where yes-thank-you-it-was-hot-enough, I did the customary sweep of the Waterlooplein market a few times. To my delight I found a guy selling Vostok wristwatches from Russia as well as some nice Russian pocket watches. For those who don't know about 'em, Russian watches are durable and mechanical and laughably cheap. So cheap I rather sympathize with the manufacturers, but I guess they know what they're doing. For me, a mechanical movement in a watch gives it a soul. As a terminal watch-fetishist I have a large arsenal of the things, but they are mostly Japanese quartz jobs - functional, but little in the way of a personality. I now have three Russian mechanicals in total, and I'm planning on getting a load more...

To see the specifications of these little (well, okay, often big) beauties, and loads of nice pictures of them, I'm putting a few links here:

Rusgoods sells watches amongst other stuff.

Stuart Tomanek sells lots of different Russian watches.

And this guy here has a great site with loads of old watches including some vintage Russian ones as well as lots of useful practical info.


Look at the clock.

Posted at 4:43 pm by Jim Woods

TIGHAR are just completing one of their periodic expeditions to Nikumaroro (in the Pacific) in search of evidence that that's where Amelia Earhart ended up. There's a day-by-day account on the site. I've always really enjoyed the unfolding of this historical mystery; there really is a hell of a lot here to get your teeth into if you like aviation mysteries.
Posted at 1:01 am by Jim Woods

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