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Saturday July 12 2003

A tonic for the rage

Should you have been driven into a state of towering fury by my recent slothfulness with the entries here, I can direct you to a cure. The National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education have a census of blogs. They have, in fact, a census of 609,347 blogs and rising.

So come back when you've read that lot.


Posted at 9:15 pm by Jim Woods

Friday July 11 2003

Amsterdam Museums

Ha! I've just found this excellent site which contains information on all 33 museums in Amsterdam - including a fair few that are news to me.

Posted at 7:49 am by Jim Woods

Thursday July 10 2003

The Channels

I am off to Amsterdam in a few weeks, and one of my key sources is The Channels. This is a really useful guide to this fine city, with all manner of reviews, a hotel section and a virtual tour. And The Channels is not just an Amsterdam resource, there are also Channels Barcelona, Channels London, Channels Lisbon, Channels Paris and Channels Europe. I really recommend these. They'll allow you to have a good time and optimize whatever loot you have.

Posted at 4:50 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday July 9 2003

Oxford Blog Ring

I've added (subject to approval...) this blog to the Oxford Blog Ring. That's what the tiny thingy at the bottom of the right hand column means; it's a means of ring control. Ahem.

Posted at 10:36 am by Jim Woods


For those who simply use IE to browse, and therefore miss out on the innate popup-killing facilities in just about every other browser and/or shell, may I present PopOops. There's no shortage of these utilities for free out there, but at the moment I'm using this one. It kills popups, and it makes a sound to say it's doing it, which is pretty vital since without some kind of telltale you could spend a lot of frustrating time wondering why your home banking or whatever isn't working. Because, boys and girls, not all popups are bad popups. As you know.

Posted at 5:42 am by Jim Woods

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

Indeedy, the new Lara's out. Well, it's been out for a week or so. Synopsis: graphically stunning, controls are bollocks. So say the pundits. This will not prevent me, or other devotees of the series, from buying it I don't suppose. But you should be aware that it apparently has very confusing controls with a steep learning curve.

Well, if it takes a while to get the hang of it then it takes a while to get the hang of it.

Posted at 5:13 am by Jim Woods

New spam killer service

If you sign up for the Knowspam service by the fifteenth of July, you won't have to pay the $19.95 p.a. fee until the new year. Which is good. So what are you getting for this pretty reasonable fee? Well, it's amazingly simple. As I understand it, anyone sending you email is automatically sent a reply asking them to resend. After they have done so they're added to a "safe list", and henceforth they simply email you as normal. This is surprisingly effective, since spammers spew their filth with little regard to making the slight extra effort required to get on the safe list. In fact, it's unlikely they'll even have a mechanism for even recognizing the original "challenge".

Therefore I imagine that the service will work very effectively. Several advantages over filtering...

By the way, those that have a HotMail address for me be warned: I'm taking it out of service due to, yep, a tide of spam. I now declare war on spam.

Posted at 4:46 am by Jim Woods

Monday July 7 2003

Radiohead TV

A visit to the (very good) Radiohead website will give you the chance of viewing radiohead.tv. I have yet to decide whether or not this kind of small-windowed online entertainment is really very competitive with "proper" tv, but at least it's not rife with glib commercials and lowest-common-denominator crap, which is I'm sure the whole point. Fans, and I am one, will love it. It's really rather more like watching a band video special in any case. Good effort, nice cartoons. The show starts on the hour, by the way, so that'll be when to visit the site...

See - I've put up some content again.

Posted at 6:12 pm by Jim Woods

Windows XP cd burning

I'm back! After the thrills and spills of sleeping a little, drinking some beers and doing the housework - and some recording - I've finally found time to create a blog entry. And what an entry, full of wit and interest and the cut and thrust of lively debate. Well no, it's a whinge actually - and a software one at that. Sorry. Why is it so hard to simply duplicate a cd under Windows XP Pro? Answers on a postcard from anyone who knows an easy, quick way please. Oh, and I've tried pretty much all the software out there I can get.

Off to read the new Harry Potter book now. Yup.

Posted at 1:28 am by Jim Woods

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