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Saturday July 5 2003


Deeply immersed in the process of getting some tracks down for a friend today. I must say that the VS 880 is an easier tool to use than many.

Posted at 4:06 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday July 3 2003

Excellent Rotterdam-based urban adventure site

I think the title of this entry pretty much sums this one up. Loads and loads of good pictures.

Sorry I'm not writing more extensively at the moment. Other pressures. Just imagine the epic rant which will burst out when I've got the time...

Posted at 4:42 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday July 2 2003


You will not believe the amount of "heated discussion" that the guy who writes this site has endured. I really think that he should receive a knighthood for still being able to function at all.

Posted at 6:33 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday July 1 2003

More neat urban adventure stuff
Here's a site with a very large amount of nice urban decay photography, pretty much entirely of France. Just to add to your pleasure, the site is in French. But you don't need French in order to look at pictures and read place names, so no worries.
Posted at 2:51 pm by Jim Woods

Mozilla 1.4 final out

The final release of Mozilla 1.4 is out, for those anxious to run a non-IE browser. This one is, to a considerable extent, the daddy.

Posted at 2:49 pm by Jim Woods

Monday June 30 2003

The Raider.net is a fine and worthy site covering the three Indiana Jones films, and indeed the forthcoming fourth one about the Forth road bridge. Well, not quite - it's probably about archaeology and duffing people up. I just thought it'd be good to get three lots of fourth into the last sentence. The site is great though. Time for a lie down.
Posted at 7:20 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday June 29 2003


Nice site here with advice and stories about jumping freight trains and general hobo-type behaviour. Also a little bit of urban adventure stuff. Game on!

Posted at 11:21 pm by Jim Woods

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