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Saturday June 21 2003

The longest day

It's the longest day today, which tends to suggest that the best plan is to do something enjoyable for a long time. In my case, this will be drinking gin and tonic by the bucket. A1.

Posted at 5:54 pm by Jim Woods

Friday June 20 2003

MyIE2 update

There's a new non-beta version of MyIE2 available today; click on the permanent link in the right-hand column here to get it.

Posted at 9:02 pm by Jim Woods

Home recording

I'm in the process of doing a bit of recording, using an eight-track digital workstation VERY kindly lent to me by a friend. So far everything seems fairly straightforward, the machine appearing to be logically designed and as intuitive as these things ever are. It's a Roland VS880EX, and I've discovered a site which has a ton of useful information for users of this machine. It's where I got my manual from. Back to work...

Posted at 7:03 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday June 19 2003

A bit of a change

Why not try the blog of a very literate Dutch woman today in the spirit of scientific enquiry?

Posted at 7:04 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday June 18 2003

Mozilla 1.4 RC2 release
Mozilla takes one more step towards a final release of the 1.4 suite. What's exciting is that once the final release of 1.4 is out the browser components are to be separated for further development; in layman's terms this means a standalone version of the browser, mailer and so on. Rather than go on at length about all this and what it means I'll direct you to the Mozilla site where you can pore over technical documents to your heart's content... Personally, I can't wait for the standalone browser.
Posted at 5:16 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday June 17 2003

Mary Edna Fraser
Mary Edna Fraser is a batik artist who takes aerial photographs of coastlines around the world from her 1946 Ercoupe airplane. She concentrates on the barrier islands between sea and land, which are striking viewed from above. She interprets those patterns in her batiks, which range from a square foot or so up to several stories tall. One of their roles is to help to raise consciousness of these islands and fund their preservation. The batiks are really beautiful fabric panels, very deserving of your attention! Trust me...
Posted at 12:51 am by Jim Woods

Monday June 16 2003

Free Anti-virus software

If you don't have any anti-virus software, here's a good free package. I've used AVG for ages now with no problems and can thoroughly recommend it. I've no idea what the extended version of the software, for which you have to pay, is like. The free version does all you need at home for personal use.

It needs to be said that if you don't regularly (at least once a week) download updates you might as well not bother with anti-virus software. DO USE the update feature, which is painlessly built-in to AVG and can even be set to automatically check for new updates; idiots write new viruses all the time. Take the time to keep your operating system, browser and so on up to date as well. Many very naughty things can be done by web sites to your computer. If you don't keep things up to date it's akin to leaving your windows open at home and going out. Updating stuff isn't sexy. It takes time, particularly on dial-up. But don't think it's unnecessary.

Posted at 7:29 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday June 15 2003

Cowley Road Carnival

It's a lovely sunny day here in Oxford, and our local Carnival is going nicely. I've been playing a little outside the local music shop, which was fun, and doing a bit of networking for gigs - which is both fun and necessary. And eating chicken. But not, as you'll have noticed, blogging. Brace for quiet time; real life is demanding at the moment. Blogging at the usual rate will resume, but not yet.

Posted at 5:12 pm by Jim Woods

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