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Friday June 13 2003


I don't know why I don't just post this link. The dmoz open directory project, category "Recreation: Outdoors: Speleology: Urban Speleology". Now you too can bogle yourselves into a stupor. Rock.

Posted at 8:43 pm by Jim Woods

More Urban Exploration

And here's another site - Russian stuff on this one. Half-build it big, then abandon it. That's the spirit.

Posted at 8:41 pm by Jim Woods

Urban exploration

Here's a really nice urban exploration site, with some QuickTime VRs (always a plus, readers) and loads of photos. I love this sort of stuff. The stuff explored on the site is mainly, but not exclusively, French by the way, but the text is in English. Enjoy.

Posted at 8:35 pm by Jim Woods

Pimmy 3.4 beta 8

There's a new, apparently very useable, beta of Pimmy out. I've played around with Pimmy a bit in the past, and I can recommend it as a good little free email package. I also like Vivian, which is what I've been using with no problems over the last three or four months. This latest Pimmy implements mail filters, which Vivian also has. Both packages make multiple mail account usage very straightforward, which is a must in my opinion. In fact it's largely a question of what you like in an interface as to which of the two free mailers you'd prefer.

Posted at 7:37 pm by Jim Woods

Found on Levity site

I mentioned the Levity site a little while ago. Whilst rooting around on it I've come across a dialogue which will thrill and delight afficionados of deep discussions. This one's deep enough to have rendered the bottom invisible...

Posted at 5:41 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday June 12 2003

Burning Man

A treat for those who share my fondness for the old QuickTime VR panoramas. Here are a load of 'em from the Burning Man art festival in the US desert. I suppose I have to say this, but you'll obviously need QuickTime up and running on your box to enjoy them.

Posted at 6:02 pm by Jim Woods

Dalziel and Pascoe

Being a big fan of this long-running BBC detective drama, I was pleased to run across this episode guide. It looks like I've only seen about half of them so far. Time to fire up the satellite.

Posted at 1:43 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday June 10 2003

Postman making good progress

I mentioned this guy before. He's cycling his postie's bicycle from Nordkapp to Gibraltar, which is thoroughly cool. And he's doing well, sending photos to a blog and plotting his position online with his GPS-enabled mobile phone.

If you want to follow his progress, here's the blog and here's the positional plot on a zoomable map.

Posted at 11:33 am by Jim Woods

Heads up, fellow morose gits

And like the Floyd thing, mentioned in the previous entry, Radioheadists look at this treat here.

Posted at 1:33 am by Jim Woods

Floyd (all rise)

How long these links stay valid on the BBC site I'm not sure. Presumably they only keep programmes on the web for so long; therefore it's imperative that you get down and listen to PINK FLOYD - THE EARLY YEARS while it's still there. Unless of course you stayed in on Saturday to listen to it, in which case you outrank me oh master. I didn't know it was on. Really.

Posted at 12:33 am by Jim Woods

Monday June 9 2003

The Bond Film Informant site is a treasure trove of Bond stuff. In particular, check out the stuff on Blofeld. Then make sure he isn't living in your garden shed, or under your kitchen floor. Because that would be very, very bad.
Posted at 5:44 pm by Jim Woods

4D Rubik

You can get a computer simulation of a four-dimensional Rubik's cube here. The site also has some interesting discussion on approaches to solving the puzzle. What rather amused me though is that the total number of possible positions for this behemoth is greater than the number of atoms in the universe. 1 756 772 880 709 135 843 168 526 079 081 025 059 614 484 630 149 557 651 477 156 021 733 236 798 970 168 550 600 274 887 650 082 354 207 129 600 000 000 000 000, in fact.

Go on - make your head hurt.

Posted at 8:39 am by Jim Woods

Sunday June 8 2003

Digital Terrestial TV software

I found a page with a load of info on set-top boxes. Plenty of info on software updates for them too; like any new technology, they have their quota of bugs and glitches.

Posted at 4:25 pm by Jim Woods

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