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Saturday June 7 2003

Dangerous Places

I've just found a rather fine website dealing with the dangerous places of the world (country by country). It seems that Oxford does not cut the mustard in this department. Woohoo. Safe at last. Full of info, and written with some irony and humour, it's a good read. Apparently there is a book too which you can order from the site. Those with a vicarious taste for depressing reading can get their fill here.

Posted at 12:44 pm by Jim Woods

Friday June 6 2003

Like Irish music? No, proper Irish music.

Then you need to engage the services of Henry Marten's Ghost. Not pretty, but bloody good. I know (on both counts) because I've seen 'em play several times. So next time you're booking a gig, or even having a party, and there's too much space and not enough Gaelic racket you'll know what to do...

Posted at 8:28 pm by Jim Woods

360 degree Bermuda panoramas

Have a shufti at these - they're fun if you've got the bandwidth.

Another grey day here, I note with(out) surprise...

Posted at 8:03 am by Jim Woods

Thursday June 5 2003


Ever thought it would be a good plan to build a pipe organ about the size of a large combine harvester and play it using propane explosions? That's not the only cool thing on this site. I applaud this chap; he clearly possesses the right stuff in abundance.

Posted at 2:06 am by Jim Woods


The official Pink Floyd (ladies and gentlemen, please stand...) site has news of the DVD release of David Gilmour's recent Meltdown London shows, and a load of rather good stuff for the 30th anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon. Get down. With Quicktime.

Posted at 1:28 am by Jim Woods

Giant Haystacks

I've come across this piece of software called Haystack, a rather nice MIT project. At the moment it's in an early state of development, and I can't say I've run it since all that's available is the source code. But the idea - a unified client for all sorts of information and methods of electronic communication - is one that regular readers will know is close to my heart. This thing, at least at the moment, has system requirements so draconian that I'm not sure anyone I know could run it; 512 meg of ram? Woohoo.

I love the idea though, and this is definitely one to keep an eye on as it progresses.

Posted at 12:07 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday June 4 2003

Browsers. All I seem to talk about. Browsers.

Hi! Time for your harangue on the topic of browsers, campers. I can now report, after thrashing it mercilessly for a few days, that SlimBrowser works well. Well enough for anyone to cheerfully use it as their day-to-day browser in fact. The only thing I'd complain about personally is that there is the need to hold down a key when clicking on a link to be opened in a new tab. Doesn't suit the way I work too well. I prefer MyIE2's middle button method, and so will probably continue to use that. MyIE2 has a permanent link in the right hand column of this blog...

Two problems seem to occur with MyIE2. The first, a failure to always alphabetically sort favourites correctly on the menu, I have sorted (excuse the pun) by hacking the "Links" group out of the favourites folder by hand. Seems these system-created, and largely space-wasting, entries on the favourites menu can cause a lot of nuisance; doesn't happen with other IE-based browsers though, so bad wicked naughty MyIE2 in this respect. Also, MyIE2 crashes frequently on exit on my system. It doesn't seem to really mean anything by it, and it makes no mess, but it's still a little disconcerting. I'm still trying to nut this one out. Reinstallation doesn't seem to be the answer. Stay tuned...

The ability to open links in new tabs on the middle mouse button, and the ability to list all the links in a page on a separate menu are still persuasive features of MyIE2 for me.

Posted at 4:18 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday June 3 2003


This Trepia is a neat bit of software. It works like any other instant messenger (AOL, MSN etc), but it takes into account geographical proximity of users. So if you're using wireless networking on your laptop - as it seems everyone except me is these days - you can meet people in your proximity, check their profiles for common interests and so forth. The requirements are pretty simple: a PC and an internet connection, according the the rather skimpy website. It's not made too clear whether you need wireless. On my machine, running broadband, the client will not recognise that I am online. I hope to get to the bottom of this (and meet a geekette or two perhaps).

If you use wireless, give it a spin and let me know how you get on!

Posted at 10:47 pm by Jim Woods

Monday June 2 2003

Nice SW France webcams

On this site here, when they're working...

Posted at 3:25 am by Jim Woods

Culture - yes, you love it!

I've just stumbled across the Levity website. I am at a bit of a loss to describe the content, other than to say that it's cultural stuff and much of it has looked pretty good from where I'm standing. Plenty of imaginative and insightful writing to be dug up on this one. And I quite liked the site design for some reason.

Posted at 3:10 am by Jim Woods

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