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Saturday May 31 2003

Time to get unskinted
90 megabytes of information on alchemy. Oh yes. Make your own gold, thus bypassing unpleasant "proper job" scenarios.
Posted at 7:54 pm by Jim Woods

Diver's Watches

All you fellow watch fanatics (although most of my collection are crap and mostly broken) can have a look at some good iron at the time2watch site. Many exotic timepieces, and some good links too.

Posted at 5:59 pm by Jim Woods

Friday May 30 2003

Another free tabbed browser

Here we are then - yet one more free tabbed browser based using the IE rendering engine. I'm giving this one, SlimBrowser, a thorough evaluation; so far it seems pretty good. I particularly like the way it allows one to recover a blocked popup window with one click. This is far better than having to change the popup blocking options and reload the page in question, which is the usual method. In most respects there is little to choose between SlimBrowser and CrazyBrowser or MyIE2 - or a whole slew of others. But I have recently been annoyed by MyIE2 failing to correctly sort my favourites alphabetically. It used to, then it stopped... As this is how I find things in a hurry, this is not on. I'll say more about SlimBrowser when I've used it for longer.

Posted at 7:14 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday May 29 2003

Military Historians

Big up the Fleet Air Arm. Here's a nice site where you can have a squint at all sorts of stuff to do with the planes and ships (and it's the aircraft carriers we like, if we're to be honest, isn't it boys?).

I'm constantly amazed at how many sites like this there are dealing with all aspects of military history. If that's your cup of tea why not also look at "Trenches on the Web"? If it isn't the definitive World War One website, then I really don't know what is!

Posted at 1:00 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday May 28 2003

Want to unwind?

Then get down to Coffeehouse Culture, a rather splendidly "trad out-there" site concerned with culture of the kind found in Amsterdam - the city of dreamers.

Give it a visit - it's a little puzzling to navigate, but there's some good stuff. Good stuff is what the game's all about...

N.B. the Inner Sanctum area of this site works well with IE (doh!) and MyIE2 for that matter. It does not really work too well with Mozilla or anything else using the Gecko renderer that I've tried. Which is a shame, as it's the natural choice of non-corporate hippies everywhere. Alt off.

Posted at 3:38 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday May 27 2003

More islands - some remote rather than tiny

I've found another good site for the "sell up and move to somewhere no-one's ever heard of" brigade. The South Atlantic and Subantarctic Islands. Some of these are huge yet remote, hardly if at all populated - and possessed of monstrous weather. Little chance of being interrupted mid-tea though, and definitely no need to mind the neighbours when partying with, well, yourself. Some of these islands are of course really pleasant, like St Helena. Most are research bases though, if that. So, if you can't afford an isolation tank...

Posted at 7:44 pm by Jim Woods

Monday May 26 2003


We all love battleships, don't we? They're so big and grey. And when they sink you can go and find them with excellent robotic devices. I mean, what's not to like about battleships? A fine source of information - and I do mean fine - is the World Battleship Lists, a part of the "Haze Gray" naval historical website. Lots of pictures. Plenty of excellent monitors. Pictures of plenty of excellent monitors. I may be some time...

Posted at 10:50 pm by Jim Woods

Weird computer game movies
Here is a site on which a dedicated crew of people with too much time on their hands script a serial and then act it out with a video game. The movies are big files, but they are big funny...
Posted at 5:24 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday May 25 2003

Quiet for a reason

Birthday party yesterday (a good one), and further celebrations today. Stay tuned for a future resumption of blogging.

Posted at 6:07 pm by Jim Woods

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