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Saturday May 3 2003

XP Professional

Well, apart from the odd patching issue I'm finding Windows XP Professional to be a pretty fair operating system. It must be said that before IE 6 and a few other updates came along I used to enjoy pretty good performance and stability from 98 too, but clearly times have moved on. ME was a virus, of course. I remain unconvinced, at least for what I do, that there is any particular performance advantage in XP; then again, everyone's mileage will vary...

I am hugely unimpressed by XP duplicating music CDs via MP3. Also, my Nero 5.0 tends to crash under XP. So to copy audio the best method seems to use CDex or similar to rip the original and XPs built-in routines to do the burn.

Apart from this, and a fair amount of "pretty junk" in the interface which can all be mercifully nobbled, the OS works pretty well and I'd recommend it. With support for 98 ending soon, it's probably the only logical choice for most of you. I'd still go with Mandrake Linux if I didn't need to use a lot of legacy Windows-format apps and data though.

Posted at 7:49 pm by Jim Woods

Friday May 2 2003

Yesterday's Tomorrows

Here's another wonderful site full of "visions of the future" from the past. I love this stuff. Why has my Micra not got enormous fins? Why does it not fly? Where is my domestic robot?

I feel we've all been robbed...

Posted at 7:57 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday May 1 2003

B*stard cable-chewing animal(s)

I used to have a fine cat who unfortunately loved to chew cables. Bad scene. I have many cables. Many more cables, I imagine, than most people. How I seethed when the cat ate them. Cat even chewed through live mains cables. This is a testimony to the resilience and insulative properties of stripy cat.

So look at this rabbit.

Posted at 11:21 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday April 30 2003

One of those sites you can't do without

Invaluable for identifying the random files lying around your system since time immemorial, the purpose of which you have lost track of long since. Yes, it's FILExt. What a cracker. You tell it the extension of the specimen on the end of your metaphorical stick, and the site tells you what the file could possibly be. In conjunction with a good old-fashioned "view as text" you should be able to solve many an historical software intrigue. Boomshaka!

Posted at 5:52 am by Jim Woods

New E.A.C.

My favourite tool for really accurate and musical CD duplication has undergone a minor update. You can download it here. It's mainly a bugfix release, but of course that's reason enough to upgrade.

Posted at 4:06 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday April 29 2003

Buddy Zoo

If you register at this site you can establish how your AIM buddies relate to those of others in a rather interesting graphical way. A variation of the old "degrees of separation" idea, really, but an internet-age one.

Posted at 5:00 pm by Jim Woods

Neat art including beast PC case

I think the header says it all - take a look!

Posted at 3:27 am by Jim Woods

Monday April 28 2003

Alpha Blondy

I've enjoyed the excellent African reggae of Alpha Blondy for twenty years, and have only just got around to finding his official website. It's in French (he's from Cote d'Ivoire) and it seems a little out of date, but it has a good discography and some other stuff. I really recommend his music and a visit to the site both; the man has always been too much of a well-kept secret outside France and West Africa...

Posted at 3:11 am by Jim Woods

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