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Saturday April 26 2003

Droplift Project

Have a look and a listen over at the Droplift Project. You can download all the audio necessary to make the Droplift CD, including the artwork. And what, you may ask, is the Droplift CD?

It's an art response to the parlous developments in copyright law recently. It's a 30 track audio CD of compositions made up from uncleared samples. And all over the world people are duplicating it and leaving it in the racks of major record stores. Excellently subversive. Give it a listen. I rather like it.

Posted at 3:20 pm by Jim Woods


Well, back again. I have been awaiting a bugfix on Blog, and therefore not blogging over the last few days. Such is the fantastic support offered by Fahim (Blog author) that I am now running a fixed build of the executable a couple of days after raising the issue. Version 7.11, yeehaw. So far so good.

Posted at 3:12 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday April 23 2003

Some software goodies for you today

I'm exploring the possibilities of naff entry headers. Like it?

I have some good stuff today. First up is Pricelessware, "the best of the best in Windows Freeware, as determined by the readers of alt.comp.freeware". I am pleased to see a few of my recommendations in free software shared by the readers of that group. This is a valuable resource; free software rated by a large group of informed people who spend much of their time reviewing and testing free software. Go to it, downloaders...

Secondly, go have a look at www.outliners.com. You'll all be aware by now of my interest in outlining software as an organizational and creative tool, and if you share that interest you'll be fascinated by this site. There's a lot of interesting stuff - and outlining software - from the eighties, which the site describes as "the golden age of outliners". Have a look at a piece of history.

Posted at 12:13 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday April 22 2003


Here's a good one - the comprehensive and official Eddie Izzard site. Don't be put off with the protestations that it's all coming soon. More may be coming soon, but there's already an awful lot there if you click on the "visit current site" link.

Posted at 12:54 pm by Jim Woods

Monday April 21 2003

Things are looking up for now...

Having finally bitten the bullet and obtained (legally of course) Win XP Professional, my PC is behaving better. I now have plenty of evidence to suggest that some recent MS update - and my best guess is IE 6 SP1 - breaks 98 badly. Everything now behaves except that the screensaver (standard Win flower box) can sometimes be a bit prone to lock up the system. I'm working on it...

Posted at 2:21 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday April 20 2003

Just got in there
Here's a good page of Folkestone (UK) then and now pictures, which link I have managed to rapidly post between crashes!
Posted at 11:29 am by Jim Woods

B*stard computer

Suffering from near-terminal system instability at the moment, with no clear way of figuring out why. A clean OS install has not sorted things, and neither has a change of graphics card. Basically, running media player or multiple instances of IE results in a variety of unpredictable and spectacular crashes... And I have two spurious instances of rundll in my task list at all times. These are not virus activity, and have so far eluded my efforts to discover exactly what they might be.

So things may be a little quiet here for the time being...

Posted at 11:03 am by Jim Woods

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