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Friday April 18 2003

Grim Rides

Have a shufty at this car club site, Grim Rides. They're into hearses. Many hearses...

Posted at 7:33 pm by Jim Woods

Weather to break

Not that I'm stuck for something to say or anything, but apparently it's been hotter here in the UK than it was in Greece and other places in the Med over the last few days. Tomorrow all that is set to change. Back on with the parka. See you soon...

Posted at 1:52 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday April 16 2003

City of Tomorrow
This excellent site has masses of links to pictures of the 1939 New York World's Fair, Seattle's Space Needle and too much more to list. Absolutely fascinating stuff on yesterday's visions of the future. I love this sort of thing - so stylish! Go on, check it out.
Posted at 12:54 pm by Jim Woods

God bless the Vivanco tie clip microphone!

Ha! Just listening to my inaugural bootleg, conducted with the Sharp MD-MT80 I was gloating over having acquired cheaply the other day. Today I completed the setup with a 29 stereo condenser microphone made by Vivanco. Clip it on your collar, run the lead down your shirt, and 'leg like a truckload of butchers.

Results are very, very good - especially for a rig that weighs in at just under a princely one-er. Get yourself kitted out. And get down the Bully in Oxford on a Tuesday to see the Tom Gray Quintet and record them with it. It's free. Tetley bitter is 1.45 a pint. Do it. Do it now. It's fractionally less fun than filling your trousers with lukewarm silicon bath sealant and holding your breath for half an hour in the khazi, but it's more fun than pretty much anything else.

Unless you're a pervert.

Posted at 1:28 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday April 15 2003

Acoustic Guitar Central

Ah, Acoustic Guitar Central. A very comprehensive site with all sorts of instructional stuff as well as articles on players and techniques. It's run by the US Acoustic Guitar magazine.

Posted at 6:57 am by Jim Woods

New release of Pegasus Mail
Pegasus is an old favourite of mine. Hugely capable and completely free, I've used it for most of the last ten years. At the moment I use Vivian, because I fancied something simple for a change. Both packages are highly recommended; Vivian is light but good, and Pegasus has masses of functionality aimed at LAN use, which is where its roots lie. Pegasus 4.1, out now, is a significant upgrade.
Posted at 3:55 am by Jim Woods

Monday April 14 2003

If I were Julian Richer I'd call this entry MiniDisc Mayhem

But I'm not.

However I used to have a Sony MiniDisc deck as part of my hifi setup. It was very handy for a while, but when I got a cd burner for my pc it became somewhat redundant. MiniDisc sounds pretty fair, but not as good obviously as an uncompressed digital copy. If I'd had a portable unit I could have used it as a walkman, but I didn't since I never fancied shelling out another 150 quid or so for a toy; I was pretty sure the advent of the hifi cd burner (and cheap pc units too) was the nail in the coffin of the MiniDisc format. Sold the Sony deck for a good price, and that was it for me and MiniDisc. This was three years ago.

Well, I'm a feelthy musician. And recently I've been wanting to do some recording of gigs and rehearsals, mostly for later analysis amongst musicians rather than for any other purpose. Well, a little (and they are little now) portable MiniDisc in conjunction with a small stereo condenser microphone is an ideal musician's tool. So when on one of my routine Argos-trawling runs yesterday I spotted that they were clearing out Sharp MD-MT80 units for a mere 67 quid I jumped with my creaking plastic. Too good a deal to pass on. Scouring the net later I can't find a better price than 89 quid. So I'm very pleased. A genuine bargain.

I also found an excellent and VERY comprehensive source of info on all things MiniDisc here on the net. It's at minidisc.org. Enjoy.

Posted at 2:35 am by Jim Woods

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