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Saturday April 12 2003


You hate it, I hate it. But we certainly get it. There is a new report which can shed some light on WHY we get it. And it's here.

Of particular note is the fact that "obscuring" your email address when using it on your web site is, for the moment, totally effective. If you go to the home page of Blog you'll see that Fahim has made a free utility called MailCoder which makes this simple to do. Might I strongly suggest that you all get it and use it?

Posted at 8:57 pm by Jim Woods

Friday April 11 2003

At http://www.welovetheiraqiinformationminister.com/ you'll find the best of what this gent of admirably strong conviction has had to say over the past few weeks.

Remember - they are lying all the time :)

Posted at 1:18 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday April 9 2003

Sound Scavengers

According to the list administrator(s), the Sound Scavengers email discussion list "casts a naive, cynical, enthusiastic, analytical and intuitive eye on an open-ended spectrum of music not likely to be brought to light in more mainstream venues".

Good enough! And it's connected with the wonderful Ookworld. See my links page for the kind of delights that Ookworld has to offer.

Posted at 4:36 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday April 8 2003

KO your system grasshopper! Open up your mind!

On a recent archaeological dig around the nether regions of my computer I discovered a load of oldish software. You know the sort of thing - stuff I downloaded and for some reason or other kept a copy of, even though it wasn't stuff I use all the time. I tend to grade software thus: vital stuff I keep backed up on external media and use all the time, stuff worth having around just in case and crap (or stuff I simply don't like or have a use for). The latter gets deleted a.s.a.p...

Anyway, found Naviscope. I used to use this all the time. Then I got broadband, and became blase (you'll need to imagine the accent on that) about bandwidth. So I'd forgotten it. It's not foolproof, but it works well. It's free. It hasn't been updated for three years.

What does it do? Loads of internet stuff. I'll quote the site...

"Naviscope achieves acceleration through five advanced techniques: prefetching, DNS resolution caching, persistent connections, MTU/RWIN optimizations and advertisement blocking. In addition to blocking ads, Naviscope can also block cookies, backgrounds, blinking text, Javascript, and sounds. Furthermore, Naviscope has a popular SiteMapper that allows you to navigate a web page before your browser even displays it. Naviscope shows Web activity as you browse, in a display that allows you to perform Internet diagnostics, obtain Website registration information, and even stop individual objects from loading. While you browse, Naviscope can keep your computer clock adjusted to the NIST atomic clock and shows you how fast your Internet connection really is. Advanced users find our HTTP monitor useful, as well as the complete logging and analysis capabilities we provide."

Worth a play, definitely. But I warn you now, I've no idea how it behaves with Windows XP. Like all old stuff that does anything system-related, observe reasonable precautions!

Posted at 2:11 am by Jim Woods

Monday April 7 2003


Those who, like me, are devotees of MyIE2 - a great interface to the IE browser engine - will be wrecking their underwear at the news that there's a new beta out. Several fixes, worth getting. Permanent MyIE link in the right hand column of this site!

Posted at 1:13 am by Jim Woods


This is a "cyber-museum of scams and frauds". Very interesting, and indeed very funny. Don't overlook the section where Brad details his email correspondence with would-be fraudsters. Some hilarious stuff...

Posted at 1:05 am by Jim Woods

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