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Friday March 21 2003

Electrolite blog on the war
Here's a blog with a fascinating collection of entries concerning the current war. Recommended reading even though you may have had enough of the war already. Promise.
Posted at 10:26 pm by Jim Woods

New set-top box from India

Love 'em. Love those set-top boxies, oh yes. This one is Indian. So it'll be ingenious. In fact, it does so much that I'm not going to even try to describe it. Take a look!

Posted at 8:29 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday March 20 2003

Sloth Warning

I usually get some stuff onto this blog every day. When I don't happen across anything interesting in my daily constitutional round my cybermanor, I'll go digging for it. One way or another, I try to get some links out there (or here, really) so that you lucky people can surf and wonder. But it all takes time. At the moment, however, I find myself a little short of time to go hunting, so consider this a warning that I will not necessarily be posting here as frequently as I have done. No doubt one day things will return to normal, but I just have too many demands on my time over the next couple of months.

I'll try to keep a decent frequency of posting, and I'll certainly maintain quality, but bear with me if things are a little sparse. Thanks.

Of course, if you send me a lot of money I'll have more time :>

Posted at 9:51 pm by Jim Woods

Irregular Orbit
This is the blog part of Ookworld, a fine site devoted to all sorts of obscure culture. As visitors to my links page will know (go on, you know you love it), Ookworld is a fine source of arcana, particularly of a musical variety. And the blog has some good stuff, although it is not that regularly updated - as the title tells you.
Posted at 9:47 pm by Jim Woods

Internet Multicasting Service

"We focus on enhancing the utility of the Internet by putting real data on-line in new ways" they say, and it's true that the IMS have done many rather neat things. Take a look here. And what a good URL!

Posted at 9:44 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday March 19 2003

Take a look at these likely lads

And you thought you looked cool. The bar, my friends, has just been raised...

Posted at 11:30 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday March 18 2003

Still looking...

I'm still looking for one unified app in which I can keep all my important data and so forth. Keynote does me admirably as a writing tool / outliner / scratchpad, but until the forthcoming (slowly) release is here it won't allow live spreadsheeting. And I use spreadsheets for all sorts of little tasks. Something like Lotus Organiser combined with Keynote and MS Works is what I'd like. But I'm not holding my breath. For those that care or follow this stuff, here's what I'm looking for in terms of data storage and manipulation.

And remember - I want all this in ONE APP. Greedy bugger eh?

(1) Tree-based hierarchical free form text storage (as in Keynote)

(2) Simple spreadsheet

(3) Address book

(4) Scheduler / diary

Seen something that does all this? Bring it on!

Posted at 7:49 pm by Jim Woods

Monday March 17 2003

Farcaping again

Apparently Farscape fans are saving up to finance a conclusion to the cancelled show. Excellent...

I think we're going to war. Bummer.

It's Saint Patrick's Day. Glug glug.

Posted at 2:43 am by Jim Woods

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