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Saturday March 15 2003

Three quick ones

I'm a bit pushed for time of late, so here are three good links to be going on with. I don't have time to annotate them or comment on them much, but I'll "let the content speak for itself".

Some GREAT snowflake pictures here.

Interesting new development in PVRs here.

Kevin Smith films (i.e. Dogma) site here.

Posted at 5:13 pm by Jim Woods

Friday March 14 2003

Suzuki acoustic guitar

I've just bought a great little Suzuki guitar - bottom of the range I think - for around 90. It's got a great action and a great tone, so hard to resist; my old Aria is gracefully fading away as the top warps, which is heartbreaking but inevitable. Check out the Suzuki range of guitars here.

Posted at 5:59 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday March 13 2003

Entrances to Hell

A rather amusing site, this. I never realised the underworld was so accessible...

Posted at 3:36 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday March 12 2003

Internet History Sourcebooks Project
This is a massive collection of historical texts. I'm not sure whether there's much more I can do to describe it, but if you've any interest in history - and you should have - this site is a must.
Posted at 5:44 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday March 11 2003

Amusing misuse of your resources

If you fancy playing about with a "3D" file manager that looks beast and, well, sort of works then take a look here. N.B. the link at the top of the page to an even prettier and flakier effort called i3dfm!

Posted at 2:13 am by Jim Woods

Monday March 10 2003


Despite the SciFi channel having cancelled the fifth season (it's American for series, darling) of Farscape, pretty much my favourite thing on TV, there is some good news. Firstly, according to the official site, "The Jim Henson Company is in active development on a new Farscape film, an anime project and is currently discussing syndication of this highly acclaimed series". So all is not completely lost.

Maybe we'll get a film to wrap up loose ends...

Also, there's now an official Farscape computer game, which looks pretty fair to me. I only hope they haven't rushed it out. The show deserves better.

Posted at 10:10 pm by Jim Woods

Oh what a luvverly bit of software
Spybot Search and Destroy is similar to Lavasoft Ad-aware, in that it hunts for anything on your computer which could be tracking you or sending back info on your activities. And believe me, from cookies to ads in software there is plenty of this underhand behaviour going on. I urge you to use one of these tools regularly. It should be viewed as an adjunct to a virus scanner really. Both pieces of software are free. Of the two I recommend Search and Destroy; Ad-aware seems to me to have gone off the boil a bit in recent versions, and I dislike the interface. Actually I dislike the interface of S and D too, but I dislike it less. Spybots be afraid.
Posted at 2:07 am by Jim Woods

Sunday March 9 2003

Busy again

Another quiet period; normal service to be resumed shortly etc etc.

Posted at 10:53 pm by Jim Woods

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