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Friday March 7 2003

World of Ends
This site has a more lucid and accessible explanation of what the internet actually is than I've seen before. Highly recommended reading for all.
Posted at 8:51 pm by Jim Woods

New treatment for fractured penises

I'm not joking, you know. It's enough to dampen one's interest in "vigorous masturbation".

Read about it here.

Posted at 8:27 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday March 6 2003

Here's something cool

Illustrator A.C. Radebaugh was one of those mid-twentieth century guys who were responsible for pictures of extraordinary finned cars whizzing along elevated highways against visions of cities of the future. Very Buck Rogers in basic vibe. I love these! There's nothing like the futures of the past!

Have a squint at this exhibition of his work - entitled "The Future We Were Promised".

Posted at 8:57 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday March 5 2003

The Other Side

Break on through.

The best site I've yet found dealing with the Nord/Pas-de-Calais region of France. There's a wealth of information here, including a lot of finger lickin' good art museum stuff. Can't wait to get at them.

If you're planning a trip to this region this site is a must.

Posted at 9:34 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday March 4 2003

WWI Document Archive

Quite apart from all the other interesting stuff on this site, buried inside are excellent plans of all the Imperial Russian Navy submarines. Early stuff. Kicking cylinders.

Posted at 8:21 am by Jim Woods

Monday March 3 2003

And, on a day of frenteic blogging...

...comes the jewel in the crown, the gigabogle. A secret city under Tokyo? Or at the very least a lot of naughty things. Excellent.

Posted at 5:57 pm by Jim Woods


I've added a button (over to the right) which is a permanent link to the Nonags freeware archive. All free software, and devoid of nasty ads and other bullshit. I found most of the software I use there, and I strongly recommend you take a gander.

Posted at 4:56 pm by Jim Woods

Red face

After what I wrote about the Guest Book a few days back a friend, who unlike me has recently actually looked at the thing, points out that the email address field is mandatory.

Make something up if you don't want to leave an address. I didn't write the thing - it's a script provided by my ISP. So I can't make the address optional, as far as I know. I'll have a play when I get time.

Posted at 9:49 am by Jim Woods


If you need a better file manager than Windows Explorer - and trust me, you do - have a go with 2xExplorer. It's free, it's small, it works well etc etc. The main advantage is that it will work dual-paned, giving you two different folder views. Also, selection is very powerful and you can filter views. Lots of little improvements really.

Oh yes, and I've been using it, on and off, for ages. So I can be confident about recommending it. I just forgot to mention it before!

Posted at 9:00 am by Jim Woods


The US MTV site has plenty of Osbournes-related info.

Rock and roll.

Posted at 5:49 am by Jim Woods


I am hugely annoyed, as I may have previously said, that Farscape was cancelled by the SciFi Channel last September. It is and was one of the most imaginative series I've watched, and I am generally not a big science fiction fan. Hopefully there will be some conclusion to the series, now suspended at the end of season four. When there is any news, it'll be on the official Farscape site.

Posted at 5:30 am by Jim Woods

Vivian Mail

Enraged by yet another instance of having to reinstall everything on my PC from a "format c: /u" upwards, I again had a look around for decent free software which is smaller and simpler than I used before. Basically, the less an application mucks around with the registry and dynamic link libraries the more I like it. Provided that of course it works well too. There's a corollary (not somewhere Toyotas live). If software is brilliant, a certain amount of complexity will be tolerated.

Anyway, the latest candidate is Vivian Mail. It's small and simple, and has an attractive uncluttered interface. As far as I've tested it, it works well. It's free. It's very easy to set up multiple users and/or mail accounts in it. The only omission I can see is that it does not permit automated mail checks. But then when I actually think about this, rather than going with my traditional ten-minute checks while online, if I'm here to read the mail I can manually check. Seems simple really, but I'm used to having the automation.

Of course, this mailer is also immune to nasties written to attack Outlook Express just by dint of not being it. Not that anyone should need yet another reason not to use Outlook Express.

Posted at 1:53 am by Jim Woods

Sunday March 2 2003


I am busy on "affairs of state", but will be blogging again soon...

Posted at 6:40 pm by Jim Woods

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