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Saturday March 1 2003

The BentProp Project is dedicated to locating and identifying combat aircraft wrecks in the Western Pacific.
Posted at 3:27 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday February 27 2003

Guest book

Well, no-one at all has signed the guest book. Can't say I blame you. Lame, aren't they? I signed ONE, the ONCE, on an innocuous travel site using my main email address and ever since have had loads of spam offering me the genitals of a horse (thank you, perfectly well hung already), more hair (sod hair - I've managed fine without for years) and miracle debt rescheduling (yeah, right - we all do stuff like that on the basis of unsolicited shite from the US). Oh yes, I can inspect some Asian lasses at regular intervals if I can stomach their moral turpitude, and... well, I'm sure you know the stuff.

Here's a plan. Don't bother to enter an email address in the guest book. Just give me a name and location, if you can be bothered. I'm always curious to know who my readers are, and my counter tells me I have a growing congregation :)

It's not like I'm going to pester anyone via email, or sell their details on. Believe me, I've plenty else to do.

Posted at 5:40 am by Jim Woods

Update at abandoned-places.com

I've been enjoying the great industrial photography at this site for a couple of years now, and although updates are getting to be less frequent they are still always worth the wait. Great steelworks stuff now in residence!

Posted at 5:37 am by Jim Woods

Mozilla Mozilla let down your long - never mind

Beating the bounds of my cyber-manor it comes to my attention that Mozilla still lurks in state. Updates are happening, and when they finally address some things which I find intolerable I'll no doubt defect from IE and use it all the time.

See the MyIE2 link in the right-hand column? Prod about down that route amigos - you'll find out how IE can be made a tolerable tool.

I digress. What do I not like about Mozilla? Well, I DO like that it's not a Microsoft product. Yes yes, I'm a Bill-basher. Can't help it. Too much bad behaviour and bollocks in the whole Windows paradigm for my water, but I still have to use it. I'm chained to it. A Treen in a disabled spaceship. Too much data in too many formats I can't access under Linux at the moment (without running emulation, but that's a different story), and too many apps I've bought that require the beast of Redmond to run. Fugger. Buck. Oh well.

Argh, digress, rant, foam...

What they need to do to Mozilla to make me the happiest of camping baldies:

1. Fix the sorting in the bookmarks. In fact, fix the whole sorry mess that is this part of the browser. I am at my bookmarks all the time, like a priest after a choirboy. I'm adding, deleting, reorganizing... And in IE I can easily-ish do this. Not good, but far better than Mozilla. At least give me some way to directly manipulate bookmarks without running a thrashing great ugly sidebar over a large part of my valuable screen real estate.

2. Why oh why when I close any window - and I may have many open doing different stuff - do I always remember that "exit" sends the whole app home just after I select it from the file menu? Wouldn't it be better not to have so many irrelevant commands on menus in windows that aren't the main browser? In short, please can subsidiary functions such as bookmark management and IRC open in windows which aren't just slavish little copies of the so-so main interface?

3. In fact, can we just nobble the silly window thing (as an option in the config) and just do everything as tabs? So much more elegant. I mean, if I wants little windows all over my desktop and taskbar I'd use plain old vanilla IE...

Just that lot for now. You know, it's such a shame that Mozilla promotes its rendering engine - Gecko - as such a big deal when in fact that's the main strength of IE too. For whatever reasons, and I KNOW some are to do with proprietary IE stuff. But still, when I use Crazy Browser or MyIE2 or whatever, "browsers" which simply improve the interface to the IE guts, I am content in all ways other than having a who-knows-what-evil-it's-plotting renderer underneath. It's like a pike in yer pond, baby.

Sooooooo. If I want to use the Gecko engine I need an interface that doesn't suck - and to me that means something that has nothing at all to do with Mozilla. Just doesn't do it for me. But this is so far proving elusive.

Shut me up - rescue me from the beast. I know Opera. Search the archives, and I'll tell you why not. All other suggestions will be gratefully received, as long as they are not anatomical...

Posted at 4:05 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday February 26 2003

California Diners & Coffee Shops of the 1950's & 60's

There is some fine retro-futuristic (yeah, I made it up) stuff here. Lots of pictures of extraordinary buildings designed by Armet Davis Newlove Architects in the U.S. Over 4,000 of them were actually built apparently. I love the one that appears to be sinking unevenly into the ground...

Posted at 9:01 pm by Jim Woods

New version of Blog

It's day of joy again as Blog - which I use to create this site in a no-mess, no-fuss rapid way - gets an update. A few bugs have been fixed, and the user interface has been tidied up. I think it's definitely a worthwhile improvement, although recent versions have never given me any trouble beyond an annoying cosmetic glitch with toolbars.

If you don't use Blog to create your independent blog, then you're probably suffering needlessly. There's a permanent download link to the right here.

Posted at 8:08 pm by Jim Woods

Irregular Orbit
Here for you lucky, lucky people is another popular culture-type blog where you can find lots and lots of weird and wonderful things!
Posted at 6:01 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday February 25 2003

Hot rod models

Remember those excellent hot rod model car kits we (the old and fat) used to make in the sixties and seventies? Here you are then - a feature on the upcoming book "Behind The Scenes Of Hot Rod Model Kits". Takes me back...

Oh yes, one point. Do remember that when I link to something like this it is more often than not on a site which contains loads and loads of other goodies - often related. Play with your URLs, boys and girls.

Posted at 6:48 pm by Jim Woods

Mindjack is one of those hip American online mag sites - "the beat of digital culture", no less. You may like it, you may not. I must say I'm a sucker for this sort of thing. I like the smell of new electronica, and I like to flatter myself that I understand the half of it. Give me more digital culture (but give me analogue audio). Also, I like the work of William Gibson. And there's a review of his new novel "Pattern Recognition" on Mindjack. Which makes the whole thing just great with me.
Posted at 5:12 am by Jim Woods

Monday February 24 2003


Lots more fine bogle here. This site seems perhaps a little more scholarly than some, but I must confess to a weakness for the http://www.rennes-le-chateau.com/ site. It's in French (good practice for me to read), and it has a couple of webcams. No submarines, but webcams. Bring it on!

Posted at 5:14 pm by Jim Woods

Network Solutions have a useful WHOIS feature on their site. This will give you details of the registrant of a given domain. Of course they'll also happily sell you a domain.
Posted at 5:10 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday February 23 2003

Vision Satellite
This seems to be the closest satellite TV specialist to me here in Oxford. I shall be beating a path to their door before long in pursuit of a steerable dish. Oh yes.
Posted at 5:56 pm by Jim Woods

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