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We live in litigious times, so I should say that content reflects only my opinions!

Saturday February 15 2003

Standing on principles

I'm against war with Iraq, for the time being, and I'm definitely against whatever has made my site invisible. Of course, by the time anyone can read this all will be well again. If not with Iraq.

Time for beer.

Posted at 9:29 pm by Jim Woods

Friday February 14 2003


Val's day again. Unaccountably, the women of the world seem busy elsewhere...

Posted at 6:04 pm by Jim Woods

Mini-ITX form factor

The joy of this tiny format for PCs is that you can build very small and quiet computers, for example for inclusion in home entertainment systems. I, the inhabitant of the world's smallest cool house, am very much looking forward to putting one of these together as a main system. I'll then put my existing "large noisy fully-loaded vintage PC" away in a cupboard and ethernet the two together. These guys have a good range of mini-ITX parts.

Posted at 5:59 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday February 13 2003

Well, looky here
A brave man. What a coincidence. He's got a scale of hotness in chillies there, and about two-thirds of the way up it is something called a Bulgarian Carrot. So it's pretty scary then. It certainly sounds it. "If you don't behave, it's the Bulgarian Carrot for you". "F*ck, observe closely as I behave". Now I know that such a thing exists I will not rest until I track it down! Well whaddya know, it's real. Look here. Not such a scary looking little chap is it? Bet it'd wipe the smile off your face in a sandwich though.
Posted at 12:44 am by Jim Woods

So you think you're brave? So you think you're brave?

You've stared death in the face many a time. You'd wrestle the alien. You'd rely on the NHS. You smoke Russian snout. You drive a three-wheeler. You taunt the VAT man. You'd go out drinking with Alan the Hat - on New Year's Eve. You listen to Bitches Brew in the garden at night without your trousers on. You're totally fearless!

Take a look at this then.

Cute little ring-wrecker ain't she?

Now imagine pouring it on your cornflakes.

Sayonara, botty-san.

Posted at 12:35 am by Jim Woods

Link India
Loads and loads of links. About India. Damn, some of these websites have obscure naming conventions. Haha. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you ended up very pleased people. If you have a look at the food section, that is. And there's so much more here. Lead me to the curry for now though...
Posted at 12:30 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday February 12 2003

Ad-Aware minor gripe
Ad-Aware is available in a free version, which effectively removes all spyware and suspect cookies from your rig. That's the good bit. In layman's terms this means that if you run Ad-Aware and a decent up-to-date virus checker, the works of w*nkers will pass you by. This we like. What I don't like is that strange things happen to the icons in Windows Explorer (on 98) after I've run Ad-Aware, spiffy new interfaced v6. This problem was not there in previous versions - mind you, nor was the aforementioned spiffy new interface. Useful though the utility is there seems to be the risk that the writers are making that old mistake and concentrating too much on making the software look pretty. Long, long experience has taught me that any software which uses styling much different from good old Microsoft interface drabness tends sooner or later to get jiggy with Windows. Anyone for skins on apps? I thought so - a horde of spotty fifteen-year-olds. The mantra is: clean, minimal interface, killer code. But it's an appearance-driven world :(
Posted at 11:12 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday February 11 2003

A large list of browsers

Well well, what could this be? A huge list of available browsers, perhaps. There's some frightening stuff here. Go on, check 'em all out. You know you love it.

Posted at 1:59 pm by Jim Woods

Monday February 10 2003


Oh yes indeedy. I've perpetrated a few tweaks to the blog layout, in the interests of readability as usual.

I wish I was a bit more adept at raw HTML, so that it wouldn't be such an onerous process. Still, better than using some bloatosaur of a design package.

Compliant? What's that??

So don't say I don't look after you.

Posted at 9:36 pm by Jim Woods

Spring cleaning

In the process of spring-cleaning my tiny but cool house today. In fact, I've been on this project for a week or so. Make that tiny but cool but packed with extraneous crap house. Squared. If anyone is a collector of electronica then email me for a list of strange semi-useless consumer electronics which I would release to good homes for somewhere between free and a king's ransom (depending on the aetheric worth of the item).

Part of spring-cleaning - okay, I admit more of a life reshuffle - was to play with Xenu on my links page. To me, this means nerdy joy. To you it means that the links have all been checked and duds marked for special scrutiny, or double-secret probation if you will.

Posted at 10:41 am by Jim Woods

Frei Zinger

Local Oxford flute-fiend Phil Freizinger has a very up-and-together web site. There are sample pieces from each of his five albums and a lot of background information to boot. I've always been a sucker for haunting use of echo-boxes. One of the good guys.

Posted at 9:28 am by Jim Woods


The Independent Television Commission site has some good basic information on the overall UK TV scene, ideal for anyone who wants to know what their options are without having to get to grips with a lot of techie stuff. It seems that the UK History Channel is now on free-to-view digital terrestrial TV, which takes this service one step closer to something I could use as a primary source. My Sky digital sub is now 18.50 per month, which is approaching unacceptably expensive for a source of documentaries.

Posted at 6:27 am by Jim Woods

Sunday February 9 2003

Xenu's Link Sleuth

You can get this for free here. And when you, do you'll find you have a great little utility which very rapidly checks all links on a given page or list and tells you which are broken. Actually it does rather more than that, but I'll let you play with it to find out.

I use this to sort the wheat from the chaff in pages such as the lost ships page I mentioned a few days ago, where a recent lack of maintenance has caused a large number of frustrating links. It's a tool with many practical uses.

Posted at 7:00 am by Jim Woods

U. S. Submarines

When you're ready for your first submarine, these are the boys to talk to. There's plenty of good submarine action on this site...

Nothing with armament :(

Posted at 6:07 am by Jim Woods

UK home cinema guide

A really thorough - and not at all baffling - guide to home cinema. Have a look here. This is what I'd have hoped to write if I'd had the time, but there's no need. Why re-invent the wheel?

Posted at 5:27 am by Jim Woods


How to describe runme.org? It's a "software art repository" apparently. If you go there and read the "about" page you may become more clear about what this actually means. On the other hand...

I's a neat thing though. And there you will find other things of neatness. Nice.

Posted at 4:17 am by Jim Woods

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