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We live in litigious times, so I should say that content reflects only my opinions!

Friday January 24 2003

Here is an amazing article written by Vannevar Bush in 1945 in which he discusses future methods of storing, transmitting, cataloguing and accessing knowledge. An engrossing read, this article was written at the dawn of much of our current information technology. And it lays down the basic principles of hypertext, which underpins the WWW today.
Posted at 1:30 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday January 23 2003

Cam frenzy continues unabated

I think I'm going to do a section on webcams, since I love them so much (mind you, I said that about home cinema until I realized the scale of the subject). Nonetheless, I've found at least two excellent bits of free software for the collating and viewing of said little gems. After all, opening about a million IE windows to view a load of cams gets old real quick. I'm sure I mentioned Webcam Watcher and Webcam Viewer before at least once, but there they are for your (free) delectation in any case. Additionally, here's a cracking site for cams. Many of these cam sites have a load of links to redundant, retired or just plain dysfunctional cams but these guys seem to have a bit more of a clue. Oh yeah, it's in Italian. But the pictures are in English :)

Watch on.

Posted at 12:16 pm by Jim Woods


Ooh looky - the counter has reached the year of my birth, 1963. I tell you, boys and girls, my life's so big I don't know what to do with it sometimes...

Posted at 11:54 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday January 22 2003

Amsterdam panoramas

A stonking clickable map with loads of great pictures. Really gives you the feel of the place.

Posted at 5:09 pm by Jim Woods

Another webcam viewer
Here's another. It's a nice little thing too, coming as it does with a fair few interesting cams preconfigured. Freeware of course.
Posted at 3:58 pm by Jim Woods

Less Croft than would be ideal

Bosh. Eidos have pushed back the release of Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness AGAIN. Now it's coming "early in the fourth quarter of this financial year". Bast.

Stella's Tomb Raider Site has loads of good stuff on the previous games though.

Posted at 7:52 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday January 21 2003

Layout change

As you can see, I've significantly changed the layout of this blog. Everything's in three columns now. I've done this for two reasons:

Firstly, the actual entries now benefit from a decreased line length. This makes them a little easier to read. It's true, honestly. I read it somewhere.

Secondly, more of the good stuff is immediately visible on viewing the blog. Particularly for those using low screen resolutions.

Please give me feedback, as usual, if you've strong views on any of this.

Or if you see Lloydy hanging about in my yard on the cam.

Posted at 10:09 am by Jim Woods

Hugely exciting!
Here is a webcam image from my yard here in Oxford, updated once a minute (or more) while I am online. Now you can see what I see when I look out of my window, and thrill to it all. Or not. It works, and that was the point of the exercise... There's a permanent link to the cam page in the left side column of this page. Above it is the most recent cam pic, which is NOT set to update automatically in your browser for various reasons. Reloading the page will do it. Once you've viewed this bad boy you'll be back. Or not. More cat pics coming soon too.
Posted at 8:11 am by Jim Woods

Lovely watercolours
Yoju's site has loads and loads of her watercolours online, with decent-sized pics of them. Quite a range of subjects, all in an inimitable style which draws (no pun intended) on both Western and Oriental styles and forms. I really, really like her art. And she seems to be amazingly prolific. All power to her.
Posted at 6:47 am by Jim Woods

The Curry House
The Curry House is an online experience for the curry-obsessed, amongst whose number I am glad to count myself. The site features restaurant reviews, recipes and an FAQ. And more. There's a lot of content here. I've been visiting this site for years and years... If in fact you wish to actually kill yourself (croak, expire, take the big ride, shuffle off - the real deal) with curry, then Death by Curry is a site well worth a visit too.
Posted at 6:13 am by Jim Woods

Bicycular stuff

I love bikes. They're the drinking man's donkey after all. So to widen your educations here's the Kronan website where you can peruse (in Dutch, as it happens) a variety of sorted treaders. These are apparently what the Swedish military use. I'm a big fan of agricultural bikes with strength and stamina - after all what's the hurry?

Down with Lycra Larries, up with stately progress.

Posted at 4:37 am by Jim Woods

Monday January 20 2003

Some more nice webcams

For your delectation, have a look here. Many, many cams all over this site.

Posted at 4:32 am by Jim Woods


I have been taking stock of the "painless home cinema guide" project and have realized the scale of my undertaking in relation to the time I have available to write it. The upshot is that I will be doing it as a golden rules list rather than as a thrashing great sanity-threatening tome. This gives the dear reader the essence without the plod, and saves me a lot of dull work. I think if I'm going to write something that size it'll be a bit more interesting. Fiction even. It's just a matter of priorities. If anyone wants to talk home cinema esoterica with me via email, of course, go ahead. Mail me.

Posted at 2:47 am by Jim Woods

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