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Saturday January 18 2003

Dover virtual tour

Ferry joy. Euro gloat. A photographic tour of Dover. A1. Here it is.

Posted at 6:16 am by Jim Woods

Friday January 17 2003

Webcam script

Peter has a script which you can download to show a load of webcam feeds on your site. I may well get this up and running on mine. He also has a lot of cams around his flat on Het Ij in Amsterdam. This greatly pleases me, as regulars will know. Go and have a shufti at his site here.

Posted at 7:19 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday January 16 2003

An excellent toy

Here is one of those webcams you can control yourself. It's somewhere in Japan - I don't read Japanese and am therefore unable to be more precise. Have a play.

Posted at 2:50 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday January 15 2003

More Rennes-le-Chateau stuff

I've dug up some more links to sites related to the R-le-C mystery - geometrical patterns in the landscape, possible lost treasure, fine bogling all round - so here they are without further ado:

Rennes-leChateau, the mystery Lots of good pictures and some Real views.

A couple of webcams in R-le-C, on the above site Active only during the day, it would seem.

Rennes-le-Château Home Page

Rennes-le-Chateau, the search for its lost treasure This site is huge, a real goldmine.

Don't forget to take much of what is written on the subject with a pinch of salt. Dig the history, though...

Posted at 9:13 pm by Jim Woods

Travel diary
Rhymer's Travel Diary is pretty good. I just stumbled across this one.
Posted at 7:27 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday January 14 2003

Browser bore continues relentlessly

Browse! Browse! Something I love in MyIE2, and which in my view chiefly distinguishes it from the also admirable CrazyBrowser, is the Links List function. This little gem pops up a window with a list of all the links in a given page; these can also be sorted or the list refined according to criteria such as protocol, media type and so on. Excellent. Say goodbye to sniffing slowly and dolorously through the raw HTML source - your only option with naked IE.

Other favourite MyIE2 features include the Simple Collector (not in fact a certain Oxford musician, but a little pop-up notepad to alliteratively store snippets as you surf) and built-in content filtering. Get some poke in your browser. Life's too short...

Posted at 6:57 pm by Jim Woods

Blogs in Oxford UK

Well, there are four if this is an accurate reflection. Excluding mine, which is not on the ring yet. And of the four, one I know is Abingdon-based and two seem to be written by a couple (although you can't complain that they don't write enough). There must be more, but who knows? Have a look here.

Posted at 5:41 am by Jim Woods

Monday January 13 2003

one-minute vacation

I love this; you can download one minute MP3s of sounds from all sorts of places and situations. It's a radio-lover's dream. Close your eyes and flex your imagination!

Posted at 4:29 pm by Jim Woods

Bass players!

Take a look at ActiveBass, the online bass-playing community. Lots of goodies. I still prefer passive basses though :)

Posted at 1:06 am by Jim Woods

Sunday January 12 2003

Two miltary links
WW! - The War at Sea The War Times Journal - Masses of good stuff! Animated maps and all sorts - very highly recommended. If you're not interested in military history, pass quietly by...
Posted at 3:39 am by Jim Woods

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