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Saturday January 11 2003

IRC networks

The mIRC site has a good clear listing of IRC servers, and useful links to where you can find a whole lot more. mIRC itself is one of the most popular clients, immensely powerful as these things go.

Posted at 10:20 pm by Jim Woods

This browser is doing well for me so far. I covered its features in an earlier entry, and said that I'd let you know how stable it turned out to be. Well, fine so far. It would be nice if there were any help for it though. The beast is so complex that I'm not entirely sure what some of the options are supposed to do. All I say is that everything I've used works well. Get a copy free here.
Posted at 8:22 pm by Jim Woods

Friday January 10 2003


The new TiVo 2 units can stream media over ethernet between devices. Details here - for now.

Posted at 7:37 pm by Jim Woods

A good free read

You can download, in almost any imaginable format, Cary Doctorow's debut SF novel "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom" here. I recommend you do so. Reading is good. The book is good. Game on.

And the whole thing is only around 300k, dialup serfs. Doubleplus game on.

Posted at 5:31 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday January 9 2003

Cheer up, England's not that cold

Take a look at an Antarctican's blog if you want to feel good about our winter weather. Don't fancy yours much...

Posted at 8:43 pm by Jim Woods

Amsterdam Muntplein webcam

Have a look at the cam, here, of this lovely old area - and dream on! If you're not seeing anything where the cam should be then your Java is up the spout.

Posted at 3:35 am by Jim Woods

Don't bother using Sygate Personal Firewall on 98

As I say. Slows everything down, forgets its permissions, buggers up the whole business of connecting to the net. Sorry guys, but it didn't work for me. Shame, as it's attractive and free. So no link as I can't recommend it. There is an outside chance that it's a conflict with my SpeedTouch ADSL modem installation, but I need that, and I don't necessarily need a firewall (try hacking my box, bozos - it's well fortified enough). So there's another bit of software in my recycle bin for now.

Posted at 1:28 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday January 8 2003

You all know how much I love home entertainment kit

So I was very interested to read this review of Windows XP Media Center Edition. Turns your PC into a PVR apparently...

Posted at 8:26 pm by Jim Woods

William Gibson blog

The cut-above-most-of-the-rest sci-fi author, famed for having written Neuromancer on a manual typewriter, now has a blog here. It's proving inaccessible right now, but should improve once the server adjusts to all the sudden interest which has no doubt resulted from a mention on Boing Boing.

Posted at 2:54 pm by Jim Woods

Monday January 6 2003

British Divers

The British Divers site has a ton of stuff, not least 131 wreck descriptions. I love wreck descriptions.

Posted at 11:35 am by Jim Woods

Konica KD-3000Z

Well, in all practical affairs of usability this is proving a nice camera. Performance-wise however it is what the Chinese might call a "battery tiger". It loves 'em so much it's not true. Thanks be I have NiMH cells to use with it. The low light performance does not seem too great either, but I'll reserve final judgement on this point until I've been using it a bit more. The inclusion of a case was nice, albeit a fairly rudimentary unpadded one.

Posted at 11:23 am by Jim Woods

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