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Saturday December 28 2002

The undead of AOL

Astonishingly, my old site is still running on AOL's servers seven months after I cancelled my subscription. I cannot, of course, edit it but it is all there. The web would be a better place if old and redundant stuff like this got removed once in a while though. No wonder there are so many dead and partial sites out there.

Posted at 6:08 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday December 26 2002

Caching stuff

I don't know about you, but when I view this site I often see the cached copy (i.e. lacking the most recent entries) even when I repeatedly press the refresh button on my browser. Visiting the archives and returning seems to do the trick though. Give this method a go if you think I'm not updating!

Posted at 12:44 am by Jim Woods

And a very merry one it was

I have a few sets of lights and other shiny stuff (fibre optic mainly) which I've fired up over Christmas because, well, I LIKE coloured lights! However I realise how amateur my efforts are when I see something like this. This guy is incredible. Seldom have I seen such dedication to the shinyists art. Although there was someone who ran close last year as I recall. No chance of a link though - I really can't remember anything about it other than that it was in the Southern USA. Anyway, this guy has the whole lot webcammed up and even web-controllable. Yes yes.

Posted at 12:39 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday December 24 2002

Merry one

At this point, as I prepare to do a lot of things that don't involve computers and do involve drinking etc with friends, I'll wish all of you a very merry Christmas. Have a good one...

Posted at 3:45 pm by Jim Woods

Monday December 23 2002

Living Without Microsoft
This site does exactly what it says on the box.
Posted at 10:40 pm by Jim Woods

A gem of a site

Got a house full of old technology just sitting there? Know the feeling. Low End PC, as it's name suggests, helps you get the last bit of life out of that old box. There's a Low End Mac as well!

Posted at 10:35 pm by Jim Woods

Micra joy

My friend Al has been at my Nissan Micra and now it flies like an (educationally subnormal) eagle. Rock on.

Posted at 9:09 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday December 22 2002

Unnecessary, and possibly unjustified, gloating

Well - it's Christmas, so I'm going to bore everyone arseless with a description of my PC. I have been too busy with festive stuff to bother to find any interesting links that haven't been thrashed to death on Slashdot or Boing Boing. And some people enjoy this sort of thing. So here's what I'm running:

Jetway 663 AS main board

AMD Duron 850 cpu

256 meg of ram - I think it's old PC100 if I remember correctly

Jetway nVidia Vanta LT 16 meg graphics card

Maxtor 40 gb 7200 rpm hard drive

Western Digital 40 gb 7200 rpm hard drive

Liteon 16x DVD drive

LG 40x12x40 burnproof CDRW

Hansol 720E 17" monitor

Microsoft optical mouse

Nasty Packard Bell satellite/sub speaker setup

1960's Philips microphone

LG webcam

A robust midi tower case (tool-less access) with a "silent" 450 watt psu

a floppy drive and a keyboard :)

This runs a dual boot: 98 (non-SE) and Mandrake Linux 9.0.

There. A little piece of history...

Posted at 6:33 pm by Jim Woods

Appling along

Got my hands on a Power Mac 7500/100 today - well, last night to be strictly accurate. I am therefore stuck into learning about this exotic if ageing beast. My first impressions are reasonably favourable, although it's too early to say whether or not it'll find a permanent place in my computing arsenal. I have two other Macs: A classic (I think) with one floppy and no hard drive, and a Centris 660 AV with a knackered hard disk. Just think, I could set up a network of senile Mac kit and do all sorts of things. All sorts of things I could just as easily do on my PC no doubt. But we'll see. Next trick is to Ethernet it all together...

Posted at 5:09 am by Jim Woods

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